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IR Contact: Erik Oldmark, CEO +46 70 432 4444, erik.oldmark@nilar.com


At the Annual General Meeting on 25 May, 2023, the auditing company BDO Mälardalen was elected as a registered auditing company for the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2024 with Niclas Nordström (authorized public accountant) as the principal auditor.

BDO Mälardalen AB has been the company’s auditor since May 2023. The auditor receives fees according to the invoice, which is in accordance with a decision at the Annual General Meeting.

Audit & Remuneration Committees

Audit committee: Britta Dalunde (chairman), Gunnar Wieslander (chairman of the board) and Peter Wesslau.

Remuneration committee: Marie Fossum Strannegård (chairman), Gunnar Wieslander (chairman of the board) and Marko Allikson.

Financial information

Nilar’s financial reports have since the Annual Report 2013 been prepared in accordance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Financial reports & presentations

Find and download financial reports and presentations about Nilar International AB.

Quarterly reports

Interim report Q2 2023 (English)
Delårsrapport Q2 2023 (Swedish)
Interim report Q1 2023 (English)
Delårsrapport Q1 2023 (Swedish)
Year-end report 2022 (English)
Bokslutskommuniké 2022 (Swedish)
Interim report Q3 2022 (English)
Delårsrapport Q3 2022 (Swedish).
Interim report Q2 2022 (English)
Delårsrapport Q2 2022 (Swedish).
Interim report Q1 2022 (English)
Delårsrapport Q1 2022 (Swedish).
Year-end report 2021 (English)
Bokslutskommuniké 2021 (Swedish)
Interim report Q3 2021 (English)
Delårsrapport Q3 2021 (Swedish).
Interim report Q2 2021 (English)
Delårsrapport Q2 2021 (Swedish).
Interim report Q2 2021: Presentation (English)
Interim report Q1 2021 (English)
Delårsrapport Q1 2021 (Swedish).
Bokslutskommuniké 2020 (Swedish)
Delårsrapport Q3 2020 (Swedish)
Delårsrapport Q2 2020 (Swedish)
Delårsrapport Q1 2020 (Swedish)
Bokslutskommuniké 2019 (Swedish)
Delårsrapport Q3 2019 (Swedish)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q2 2019 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q1 2019 (Swedish+English)
Bokslutskommuniké/Year-end report 2018 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q3 2018 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q2 2018 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q1 2018 (Swedish+English)
Bokslutskommuniké/Year-end report 2017 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q3 2017 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q2 2017 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q1 2017 (Swedish+English)
Bokslutskommuniké/Year-end report 2016 (Swedish+English)
Delårsrapport/Interim report Q3 2016 (Swedish+English)

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Key figures for the group

IFRS, Audited.

Income statement
Gross profit-150.3-479.5-199.2-151.1-35.7-35.7-35.7
Operating profit / EBIT-249.1-596.4-284.0-221.7-89.9-89.9-89.9
Profit/loss before tax-287.5-600.5-342.9-238.5-91.1-91.1-91.1
Profit/loss after tax-287.5-600.5-342.9-238.5-91.1-91.1-91.1

intangible fixed assets0.0-31.6-30.9-28.2-7.3-7.3-7.3
tangible fixed assets-53.9-39.8-24.9-6.9-4.7-4.7-4.7
Capitalised expenses for development work5.923.430.426.817.417.417.4
Full-time equivalent employees, number1101851279048
Cash flow from
operating activities-217.9-446.6-211.6-153.9-73.6-153.9-73.6
investing activities-48.2-215.1-111.5-135.2-45.6-135.2-45.6
financing activities240.0818.5233.6420.076.9420.076.9
Cash flow for the period-26.1156.8-89.4130.9-42.3130.9-42.3

Ordinary shares and share options in issue, thousand
Weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue229,973.032,285.14,589.34,047.73,281.24,047.73,281.2
Weighted average number of share options in issue250.3260.356.1149.5275.3149.5275.3
Weighted number of ordinary shares
after dilution
Balance sheet
Non-current assets462,3440,9421,0370,4232,8198,5178,9
Current assets324,7374,3155,3195,556,186,227,9
Total assets787,0815,2576,4565,9288,9284,7206,8
Non-current liabilities222,6181,2119,133,0
Current liabilities114,0142,5354,1257,187,510,420,7
Total equity and liabilities787,0815,2576,4565,9565,9284,7206,8
Capitalised expenditure for development44,638,7184,3190,8191,8181,3164,1
Property, plant and equipment168,7193,2146,460,516,27,010,2
Fixed assets under construction174,6155,150,680,423,28,25,7
Cash and cash equivalents204,7230,773,9163,432,574,817,6
Equity/asset ratio, %57 %60 %18 %49 %70 %96 %90 %
Debt ratio, times0,70,74,61,00,40,00,0
Ordinary shares and share options in issue at end of period, thousand
Shares in issue at end of period318 582,345 511,75 025,24 431,93 451,03 270,62 615,5
Share options in issue at end of period250,3260,3170,6149,5149,5319,9320,6
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Corporate governance

Good corporate governance helps to build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity, thereby supporting stronger growth and more inclusive societies.

General meetings
Here you find information related to our general meetings.

Articles of association
for public company
Nilar International AB,
reg.no 556600-2977

Board Committees
All you need to know about our Remunaration and Audit committees.

Nomination Committee
All you need to know about our Nomination committee.

Incentive Programmes
All you need to know about our Incentive Programmes.

Remuneration guidelines
Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

The Nilar share

Nilar International AB (publ) is a Swedish public company. The company’s shares are since 30 April 2021 listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market.

Ticker: NILAR
ISIN code: SE0015950001
LEI 549300YB1GKR0RB4XL64

For current share price, please follow this link: Click here.

Share capital

The Company’s share capital amounts to SEK 53,097,042 distributed across 318,582,257 shares. Each share has a nominal value of around SEK 0.17. All shares in the Company entitle the shareholder to one vote per share at general meetings of shareholders. Each shareholder will be entitled to vote for all of the shares in the Company held by the shareholder.

Certified advisor

FNCA Sweden AB


Largest shareholders per 31 October 2022

NameShares% of share capital/votes
BNP Paribas SA Paris38 428 37112,06%
Första AP-Fonden30 212 3719,48%
Fjärde AP-Fonden25 234 3797,92%
Bronsstädet AB15 720 0004,93%
R&H Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd12 939 6934,06%
UBS Switzerland AG11 762 9583,69%
Banque Pictet & Cie (Europe) SA9 993 6033,14%
Avanza Pension8 268 4752,60%
BNY Mellon SA/NV (Former BNY)7 892 9202,48%
Brohuvudet AB7 668 2762,41%
Other142 417 90947,23%
Total297 066 983100,0%

Development of share capital

Per 31 October 2022

EventDateChange in nbr of sharesNbr of shares after issues
Founding2000100 000100 000
New share issue 1)20009,48%9,48%
New share issue 1)20007,92%7,92%
New share issue 1)20004,93%4,93%
New share issue20004,06%4,06%
New share issue20003,69%3,69%
New share issue20003,14%3,14%
New share issue20002,60%2,60%
New share issue20002,48%2,48%
New share issue20002,41%2,41%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue200047,23%47,23%
New share issue2000100,0%100,0%
Share split (1:6)200047,23%47,23%
New share issue (IPO)2000100,0%100,0%
Exchange of convertibles20003 582 25247,23%
New share issue (Over-Allotment Option IPO)2000100,0%100,0%
New share issue (Rights issue)2000251 555 232297 066 983
New share issue (Rights issue)200021 515 274318 582 257
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Coming events

  • Year-end report and fourth quarter interim report 2022: 16 February 2023
  • Annual report 2022: 13 April 2023
  • First quarter interim report 2023: 9 May 2023
  • Annual General meeting: 25 May 2023
  • Second quarter interim report 2023: 11 August 2023
  • Third quarter interim report 2023: 1 November 2023