It has never been easier to do good while doing what’s best for you and the planet

It is our ambition to develop and produce one of the world’s most sustainable batteries at our plant in Gävle. It is based on Nilar’s innovations, patents and entrepreneurship. We are now ready to show what we can do and, together with our selected collaborative partners, supply the market with system solutions that function in everyday life!

Sustainable by design

Choice of material and design is not only for the environment but also increases battery performance and safety

  • Designed for recycling with re-use of powder in the production process.
  • Minimal amount of hard to recover raw materials.
  • There is no risk of explosion or severe uncontrolled fire in Nilar’s battery chemistry.

Circularity is key

Nilar enables spent batteries to be restored and given a new service life

  • Our patented ReOx® technology balances the electrodes and replenishes the electrolyte by adding a controlled amount of oxygen.
  • Our product can be replenished at least 3 times through the ReOx® technology.
  • The battery cells’ flat design is formulated in order to simplify reuse and recycling when they no longer can be recharged.

Produced in Sweden

The factory in Gävle, Sweden uses 100% fossil-free energy to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • Nilar batteries are manufactured from cell to system at our fully automated production plant in Gävle, Sweden.
  • Produced with 100% renewable energy.
  • Our battery production requires three times less energy than conventional battery production.

Our Sustainability Report

Sustainability is in Nilar’s DNA.

Our goal is to support the electrification of society with sustainable solutions. As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, energy storage will be the key to the future