As the world develops, the demand for energy will continue to increase. Our homes, offices and existing electrical grid were not designed for the power demanded by ongoing technological advancements. Storing energy for later use is the ideal solution no matter if you have access to renewable resources or rely solely on the grid.

Home & residential

An energy storage solution not only benefits the environment but also can improve your home’s efficiency. Being able to store energy for later use allows for cost savings as well as backup power. Sustainability and safety make Nilar batteries the perfect battery in a solution for your home.

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Commercial & Industrial

As the technology progresses, more and more businesses are investing in energy storage. An energy storage system can support renewable energy resources, maximizing their utilization. Also, it can reduce peaks in power consumption, saving money and working towards making your business more sustainable. The modular Nilar battery supports a range of scalable energy storage solutions to meet energy demands.

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Utility scale infrastructure

Today’s electrical grid cannot handle the increasing demands of the ongoing technological advancements such as mass electric vehicle charging and smart home electrification. Without substantial investment into grid upgrades by utilities and governments, energy storage is a cost-effective solution. The flexible battery strings from Nilar enable of a range of scalable energy storage solutions to effectively meet these new demand challenges.

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Energy storage functions using Nilar batteries

This is a description of some of the functions that an energy storage using Nilar batteries can provide in your chosen application. The functions can be used in different situations and in combination with each other to provide the specific solution you need.

Time Shifting

Storing excess energy production for later use is called Time Shifting. This is common when using your Nilar battery system in conjunction with solar panels to store solar energy during the day and use it during the evening. Time Shifting allows for more renewable energy to be installed and used efficiently.

Peak Shaving

Having a Nilar battery system that performs Peak Shaving is useful in areas where peak power expenses are high. Slowly charging it with low power and discharging it with high power for short periods reduces peaks in power consumption and can save money by reducing demand expenses.


Off-grid operation may be needed in remote areas where the electricity supply is unreliable or non-existent. The Nilar battery system can be charged from sources that do not require connection to the electrical grid, such as solar and wind, and discharged when these power sources are unable to provide sufficient energy.


A Backup system can be used when the regular power supply is unavailable, allowing for a more continuous power supply. A Nilar battery system can be used as Backup by always conserving a part of the storage capacity for unforeseen or foreseen loss of power and using the storage at the desired time.


Islanding occurs when a local generator continues to power a location even when the electrical grid is no longer present. This can be utilized at remote locations where the electrical grid is not as reliable.

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is necessary when systems require a high reliability of electric supply. There will be no abruptions in the power supplied when using a UPS. The Nilar battery system can be used for this purpose and provide support for those critical systems.

Frequency Regulation

The balance of production and consumption of electricity on the grid is measured by the frequency, and maintaining this frequency ensures safe and stable operation of the electrical grid. A Nilar battery system can be used to regulate this frequency in what is called Frequency Regulation.