The sustainable choice for your energy needs

Nilar batteries can be installed safely and easily in your property, whether it is an office or residential building, industrial property, infrastructure project or home. Nilar batteries are ideal for installation in smart properties so that energy can be used when it is needed – not just when it is produced. Our batteries thereby even out price and capacity fluctuations in the electricity grid.

Batteries for commercial & industrial properties

When selecting batteries for an office building, shopping mall or electrical vehicle charging station, minimising risk is essential. Nilar batteries are the safest choice for storing energy. The modular battery design supports a range of scalable energy storage solutions to meet the needs of different applications.

Long-term power for smart electricity grids and infrastructure projects

As the utilities and governments anticipate significant investment in electrical grid transmission capabilities for the future, energy storage is the only viable solution to bridge the gap. Energy storage providing grid support will be an essential part of the electrical infrastructure. The flexible batteries from Nilar enable a range of scalable energy storage solutions to meet the needs of large projects.

The ideal battery system for your home

We believe that home owners and tenants should be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that they have safe and sustainable batteries that are designed to be safer than “safe”. That makes Nilar batteries the obvious choice.

Energy storage functions using Nilar ReOx® batteries

Nilar facilitates safe and sustainable energy systems through our groundbreaking battery technology. A close collaboration with system integrators means that we can optimise energy management for end customers with battery solutions that are sustainable and safe.

Time Shifting

Store excess energy production during the day for later use by connecting an energy storage system with Nilar batteries to solar panels.

Peak Shaving

Slowly charging your battery with low power and discharging it with high power for short periods helps reduce peaks in power consumption.


For remote areas where the electricity supply is unreliable or non-existent, an energy storage can be charged from energy sources not connected to the grid and discharged when these sources are unavailable.


A backup system can be used when the regular power supply is unavailable, allowing for a more continuous power supply. By always conserving part of the energy storage capacity, energy is available if power losses occur.

Frequency Regulation

Safe and stable operation of the electrical grid can be ensured with the help of energy storage, by maintaining and regulating the frequency on the grid.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is necessary when systems require high reliability of electric supply. An energy storage system ensures no abruptions in power supply.


Islanding occurs when a local generator continues to power a location even when the electrical grid is no longer present, such as at remote locations with an unreliable grid.