Nilar EC product line

Nilar offers energy storage from single packs to complete cabinet and rack solution. In the grid support category Nilar offers a container solution that is made to last.

Nilar EC Battery pack

The Nilar EC (Energy Compact) Battery pack is a battery designed to meet the time shifting and peak shaving needs of today and tomorrow. Combined with our Hydride® battery technology the Nilar EC Battery pack is a safer, greener, more reliable and cost-efficient energy storage solution.

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Nilar EC Cabinet solution

Nilar EC Cabinets are available in 11,5 – 28,8 kWh configurations and can be scaled to meet increasing energy storage requirements. These small to medium scale energy storage solutions can be the ideal solution for safe energy storage in houses, buildings, apartment blocks and large estates.

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Nilar EC Rack solution

For industrial applications, Nilar Energy Compact Racks are available in 48 kWh and 57,6 kWh configurations. The racks can be scaled incrementally to meet peak-shaving and load shifting requirements.

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Custom solutions

Do you want to integrate our batteries into your custom solution?

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