Nilar Energy Battery Series

Through the deployment of our previous battery product, our dedicated research and design staff gained significant insights into improvements and innovations towards a better battery. The plastic material used in the laser-welded module was replaced with a more resilient material. Operational guidance was fine-tuned for outstanding efficiency and the battery was upgraded for better processing of the dynamic data and communication with external systems. The result is this newly unveiled Nilar Energy Battery. The 10 Ah Energy Battery has retained the volumetric size and quality performance of its predecessor, operating expertly at a continuous 1C charge and discharge rate. It is the exceptional choice for peak power reduction and provides expedient energy for any medium power application.

The Nilar Energy series has retained the electrode design of its predecessor with a rated capacity of 10Ah, creating a range of battery packs up to the highest rated energy of 1,44 kWh. Nilar Energy batteries can operate at a 2C charge and 3C discharge rate.

Unique Benefits

Bi-polar Design

Nilar Energy batteries, based on the Nilar Hydride® chemistry, are the only commercially available bi-polar nickel metal hydride batteries. Within the patented Nilar Hydride® design, the cells are stacked horizontally on top of one another with a metal bi-plate in between. The outer contact plates act as current collectors for all the cells within the module, reducing the volumetric overhead and inherently resulting in a uniform current flow across the cell. The ruggedness of the design along with the uniform current and resistance paths promote uniform heat generation, enabling consistent ageing of the cells, and a stable performance curve in various conditions, with operating temperatures ranging from -10°C to +40°C.

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The Nilar R&D process focuses on the Circular Economy philosophy, with every innovation striving towards component renewal and waste reduction. All Nilar products are produced at our factory in Sweden with 100% renewable energy and are able to be recycled at end of life. Nilar batteries are made with minimal hard-to-recover raw materials. Unlike most industrial batteries, Nilar batteries do not contain, nor need cadmium, mercury or lead to deliver powerful results. 

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The water-based electrolyte is nonflammable. Uniform current flow paths lead to no concentrated hot spots and more efficient heat dissipation. The structural components within the battery paired with the nonflammable electrolyte means there is no spontaneous ignition and no uncontrolled heat propagation. 

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Ruggedness of the Nilar Hydride® chemistry leads to different ageing process, only wearing when storing and providing energy. The battery is capable of quick charge and discharge, delivering numerous cycles over its long calendar life. The unique combination of Nilar Hydride® technology and our patented bi-polar construction provides a reliable source of power designed to last for more than 20 years. 

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Product Specifications

Battery packs are sold in string configurations, with voltage and energy adaptable to a customer’s needs.

Product name Art. No. Description String voltage [V] Energy [kWh] Measurements,
Single Battery DxHxW [mm]
ES-192-1,92kWh 200069E Battery string, 2pcs of 96V
packs per string, no BMS
192 1,92 248x306x127
ES-288-2,88kWh 200070E Battery string, 3pcs of 96V
packs per string, no BMS
288 2,88 248x306x127
ES-384-3,84kWh 200071E Battery string, 4pcs of 96V
packs per string, no BMS
384 3,84 248x306x127
ES-216-2,16kWh 200072E Battery string, 2pcs of 108V
packs per string, no BMS
216 2,16 273x306x127
ES-324-3,24kWh 200073E Battery string, 3pcs of 108V
packs per string, no BMS
324 3,24 273x306x127
ES-432-4,32kWh 200074E Battery string, 4pcs of 108V
packs per string, no BMS
432 4,32 273x306x127
ES-240-2,4kWh 200075E Battery string, 2pcs of 120V
packs per string, no BMS
240 2,40 293x306x127
ES-360-3,6kWh 200076E Battery string, 3pcs of 120V
packs per string, no BMS
360 3,60 293x306x127
ES-480-4,8kWh 200077E Battery string, 4pcs of 120V
packs per string, no BMS
480 4,80 293x306x127
ES-288-2,88kWh 200078E Battery string, 2pcs of 144V
packs per string, no BMS
288 2,88 337x306x127
ES-432-4,32kWh 200079E Battery string, 3pcs of 144V
packs per string, no BMS
432 4,32 337x306x127
ES-576-5,76kWh 200080E Battery string, 4pcs of 144V
packs per string, no BMS
576 5,76 337x306x127

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