Board Committees

Remuneration Committee

The board of directors have established a remuneration committee which consist of the following two members: Gunnar Wieslander, and Marko Allikson.

The remuneration committee’s main tasks is, inter alia, to prepare the board of directors’ decisions on issues concerning principles for remuneration, remuneration and other terms of employment for executive management, monitor and evaluate programs for variable remuneration for the executive management and monitor and evaluate the application of the guidelines for executive remuneration that the annual general meeting establish. The remuneration committee shall convene at least two times per year and otherwise as required.

Audit Committee

Nilar has an audit committee which consist of the following three members: Britta Dalunde (chairman), Gunnar Wieslander and Peter Wesslau.

The members of the audit committee are not allowed to be employees of the Company. At least one of the members shall have accounting or auditing competences. The committee shall appoint one of its members to be its chairman. The audit committee shall, without prejudice to the board of directors’ responsibilities and duties in other respects, inter alia, monitor the Company’s financial reporting, monitor the efficiency of the Company’s internal controls, internal audit and risk management, be informed of the audit of the annual report and consolidated accounts, review and monitor the impartiality and independence of the auditor and in relation to that pay particular attention to whether the auditor provides services to the company other than audit services, and assist in the preparation of proposals for the annual general meeting’s decision on auditors’ election. The audit committee shall convene at least five times per year and at least once a year meet representatives for the auditor.