We are supporting the electrification of society with sustainable solutions

Our goal is to support the electrification of society with sustainable solutions. Nilar develops and manufactures batteries that are safe and re-usable. We ensure that renewable energy works in everyday life, that electricity is there when and where we need it and at the right price.

Nilar’s idea is to speed up electrification and the climate transition

We make batteries for sustainable energy storage, which is crucial for a climate transition that works, i.e. that electricity is actually there when it is needed and not just when it is generated.

Nilar develops and manufactures batteries that are safe and re-usable

It is actually the only battery in the world that can be given new life through oxygen refilling. Our batteries can be used for energy storage in homes, in commercial properties, industrial operations and for large-scale energy storage in society’s electricity infrastructure.


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About Nilar

Stockholm and Gävle – Swedish battery engineering at its finest.

Thanks to cutting edge expertise within battery chemistry, production technology, product development and system development, our R&D initiatives have contributed to groundbreaking innovations within Swedish battery research.

State of the art production process

As a leader in energy storage battery systems, Nilar’s focus is ensuring that every product leaving our factory meets the highest standards. Nilar puts significant investment in Research & Development as well as in our manufacturing facilities. All steps in our production process are performed at our state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Production Process

These are the steps that take raw material into batteries ready for implementation into energy storage systems.

Electrode manufacturing

The ingredients of our electrodes are combined in exact concentrations to make the active material. This active material is then pressed onto a scrim to create either the positive or negative electrode. The process is very simple and requires no heat treatment or similar. Read more about our chemistry

Automated module assembly

The electrodes are carefully weighed and paired together inside a casing with a separator in between; this is the so called battery cell. The battery cells are then stacked in top of each other with conducting bi-plates in between and, finally, enclosed in a laser welded casing. The battery module is now assembled. Read more about our battery modules

Laser welding

Each module is laser welded together, making sure that the contents are completely contained from the environment. This process utilizes the different transparencies of the module casing. The laser is able to pass through one side of the module and heat up the other, creating a weld between the two sides.

Battery pack assembly

By stacking multiple battery modules, the pack can be created with different voltages, where more modules means a higher voltage. The packs are compressed and bound together with steel bands.

A look inside our facility

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