It has never been easier to do good while doing what’s best for you and the planet


Nilar enables safe and sustainable energy systems through our pioneering battery technology, with a focus on developing and producing batteries, control systems, and an oxygen replenishment technology. With Nilar’s unique and patented technology for refilling oxygen, the life of Nilar’s battery pack can be restored at least three times.

What we do

Nilar is a unique producer of safe battery technology with a focus on developing and producing batteries, control systems, and the life extending reoxygenating technology for stationary energy storage systems.

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Why Nilar

It has never been easier to do good while doing what’s best for you and the planet

Nilar batteries are not only rechargeable, they can also be revived to full capacity at least 3 times through the Nilar patented ReOx® process. This brings savings to your wallet, but above all, makes it easy for you to do the right thing for our planet.

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The safest technology for you and your property

Unlike many other batteries, Nilar batteries cannot spontaneously short circuit internally. Therefore, there is no risk of a dangerous and uncontrolled chain reaction where one cell heats up followed by the next and the next, causing an explosion. Why? Because the water-based, non-flammable electrolyte used is chemically stable so heat generating reactions cannot occur between the electrodes. This makes Nilar batteries the safest choice.

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The high performance battery for your energy needs

The robust Nilar Hydride® chemistry combined with our patented bi-polar construction, contributes to the long service life of the battery. In fact, even if fully discharged or overcharged, this won’t impact the aging process. This provides a reliable source of power designed to last.

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The ideal battery for your energy storage needs

As the world develops, the demand for energy will continue to increase. Our homes, offices and existing electrical grid were not designed for the power demanded by ongoing technological advancements. Storing energy for later use is the ideal solution no matter if you have access to renewable resources or rely solely on the grid.

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Produced in Gävle, Sweden with 100% renewable energy

We are a Swedish-based developer and manufacturer of batteries aimed for stationary electrical energy storage systems. Our battery technology is Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) based on a water-based electrolyte, resulting in a strong environmental, safety and performance profile. We are headquartered in Täby and the energy efficient production, powered by 100% renewable energy, is since 2012 based in the Gävle, where our research and development also takes place.

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Nilar International AB announces a new cooperation with Indutecc Renewable Solutions, part of the Dutch industrial group Schuurman Group. The cooperation is a long-term agreement and involves the development of smart energy storage solutions for larger industries and commercial properties.

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Join our team at Nilar

We are proud of the work that we do, and wouldn’t be successful without our passionate team of dedicated people. If you’ve got the desire to be a part of a creative and innovative group of professionals, we invite you to check out our current openings.

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