Nilar and SolarPro customer case

We now have a new customer case to display.

SolarPro is a leading provider of solar and energy storage solutions in Belgium. The company recently entered a new business segment: supplying back-up energy – in the form of a frequent con¬tainment reserve – to the Belgium national grid to meet country-wide demand.Together with our partner Indutecc, we had the opportunity to offer a solution with our Nilar batteries, which SolarPro currently offers to home and commercial property owners as part of a complete energy solution.

The Challenge:

Build a safe and reliable energy storage solution to compete as a Balanced Service Provider (BSP) of back-up energy to the Belgium and European energy market. The frequency containment reserve (FCR) must meet the requirements of Elia, Belgium’s transmission system operator, as well as strict EU directives. Approved suppliers will be able to bid to supply back-up energy on a four-hourly basis as of July 2020, 365 days a year.

The Solution:

A minimum of 1 MWh of power is required in order to take part in the bidding process. To meet this energy requirement, SolarPro is collaborating with a number of suppliers located around the country.  SolarPro will supply 115 kWh of power from its warehouse located in Turnhout, northern Belgium, close to the Dutch border. The FCR will consist of two 57.6 Nilar rack systems. These will be connected to a Socomec SUNSYS PCS² inverter and the entire system will be managed with an Energy Management System from SolarPro and Ileco.

The Benefits:

The long life of Nilar EC battery packs means that SolarPro do not have to worry about replacing batteries even though the frequency containment reserve will run uninterrupted – constantly charging from or supplying energy to the grid. Additionally, as Nilar batteries are fireproof, the system can be located in SolarPro’s busy warehouse and office complex, which is located in a built-up area where people live and work.“We wanted safe, powerful, and reliable batteries.” says Randy Helsen, Project Manager at SolarPro. “We also wanted a sustainable solution, since green energy is a big part of our business. After analyzing the different alternatives, it became obvious that only Nilar ticked all the boxes.”

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Celebrating International Women’s day

 In honor of the international women’s day we wanted to acknowledge one of our female employees. Meet Stina Starborg who has worked within the battery chemistry field since 2001!  




What do you find most enjoyable with your job?

It’s very multidisciplinary, a lot of competence is required, one day is never like the other.

What can a work week look like?

I run several chemistry-related development projects. In my job, it is of great importance that we learn deeply about the chemistry to be able to develop it further. The project that I’m currently working on involves everything from planning to testing, with questions varying in scientific understanding.

What are the changes in your field you experienced since the beginning of your career?

You can see the overall greater interest for the industry from the surrounding world. When I started my career, it was somewhat uncommon seeing women in general. I see that this is changing but I feel like there is still room for improvement in the academic world, especially within electronics, technical systems, programming and mechanics, which are typically male-dominated fields. An even division of gender will favor the group dynamics within a company overall. You will see a big demand for competence within the battery industry in all of Sweden but also within Europe. Competence will be requested to keep up with Asia that is dominating the market today, especially within production technique, not only when it comes to lithium-ion batteries but also in mass production of other types of batteries.

How do you wish that the battery industry develops?

Today, in Sweden, the focus is primarily on certain chemistries, e.g. lithium-ion is spotlighted. There are other types of techniques and chemistries with weaknesses and strengths that deserves more exposure.

How do you think you can attract more people to apply to your field of industry?

To increase the interest of my field, I believe that a lot is about the way you present a subject in school. You have to find a way to introduce science in schools in a manner that makes people feel that it’s relatable to their interests. I believe you have to focus more on the problems that can be helped with technical tools when it comes to the environmental aspect. You usually talk about problems related to the climate issues but not so much about how those problems actually can be solved. With the help of technical tools, you can solve a lot of the issues we have today. It is possible to create more environmentally friendly tools and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you have any female role models in your career?

Female role models for me have been managers that I’ve had; Eva Fontes and Annika Ahlberg Tidblad. Within the battery industry, another female role model have been Kristina Edström, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University.



Energy Storage Europe postponed



Energy Storage Europe is the leading international trade fair for energy storage systems. The fair discloses trends within the industry and developments in energy storage and technology integration. High tech companies and research institutions travel far to participate.

The exhibition gives you a great chance to network and get the latest insight from the top players within the industry. While the fair is in full action, a conference also takes place – Energy Storage conference 2020. At the conference topics regarding the latest research, restrictions and regulations within the industry are being covered.

Nilar was supposed to join the fair that was going to be held next week in Düsseldorf, however, we recently received the news that the fair is being postponed on recommendations from the German government. New alternative dates for the fair will be overseen and discussed with involved parties.

We will update you with further information as soon as we know more details on the final dates for the fair to be hosted.


Meet us at eCarExpo

During 2019, more than every 10th car sold in Sweden was chargeable. Since distributors are being expected to lower the amount of carbon dioxide emissions during 2020, the expected number of sold chargeable cars is a lot higher. BilSweden is predicting that as much as 30% of new cars being sold will be chargeable.

As many as 84% of the people living in the inner city of Stockholm are ready to get a car run by electricity next time purchasing a new one.

This weekend the Nordic region’s only electric car exhibition is hosted – eCarExpo, it will be hosted at Friends Arena, Stockholm.

When visiting the fair, you will get to know more about the chargeable cars available on the market, you’re even able to test run cars on a 600-meter-long indoor track!


The weekend will be full of interesting events

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Opening hours:

Friday, February 7: Industry and Corporate Day 10 am – 5 pm.

Saturday, February 8: Open to the public 10 am – 6 pm.

Sunday, February 9: Open to the public 10 am – 4 pm.


You will find us from Nilar at the fair together with Gruppsol, hope to see you there!


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Interesting video regarding flexibility in global power systems

We wanted to share this video where Yiyi Zhou, gives a BNEF Talk at BNEF Summit Shanghai in December 2019.

Watch this video to learn more about what power system flexibility is, why it matters and how it might be the key for future power markets.


Highlights from 2019

Have you not yet read our December newsletter? Don’t worry – we got you covered!

In our newsletter we did a recap of some of the highlights from 2019.

We talked about how we were finalists for Sweden’s largest energy award, E-prize.

We further brought up Articles we were mentioned in, such as, Power circle, Breakit, Veckans affärer, Di digital & Affärsresenären.

We also brought up that Energy CIO insights listed us as one of the top 10 energy storage solution providers in Europe 2019.

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Nilar launches new solution for the residential market

Nilar launches an energy storage battery solution to meet the growing demands from the residential market. The new cabinet, which is designed for homeowners looking for a safe, economic and compact solution, is powered by 6 kWh of Nilar Hydride® batteries.

The modern household is becoming sustainable and self-sufficient, with increased use of solar power and the addition of electric cars. The new Nilar Energy Compact (EC) Home Box enables storage of excess solar energy to be utilized when demand is high or whenever it’s needed. This allows homeowners to become energy independent, by increasing self-consumption, reducing peaks in power consumption and minimising grid fee costs. The Nilar EC Home Box is a fully recyclable battery energy storage solution, that is Swedish produced with 100 percent renewable energy and is designed to last for more than 20 years.

The cabinet brings all the advantages of Nilar Hydride® batteries in a new compact and elegantesign. With water based and non-flammable electrolyte, the Nilar Hydride® battery cells offer unique safety benefits when compared to other energy storage options.

The new cabinet has already been integrated into complete home-ready solutions by energy storage solution providers Enequi AB and Ferroamp Elektronik AB. These “powered by Nilar” systems seamlessly integrate with solar panels and utilize powerful built-in control algorithms and smart software to provide homeowners with an economic, environmentally-friendly and safe solution for today’s energy needs.

“It’s great to see the Nilar EC Home Box in operation in people’s homes,” says Jan Lundquist, Head of Sales & Marketing at Nilar. “We expect to see more integrators incorporating the Nilar EC Home Box into their offerings shortly.”


Read more about Nilar Home Box: Click here

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Subsidy on energy storage extended


On the 5th of December it was decided by the government that the subsidy on energy storage utilized for self-produced electricity was extended.

The subsidy has now been extended in Sweden to 31/12 2020.

You can get up to 60% subsidy up to 50 000 SEK.

You can, as a private person, apply for subsidy to install the system for storing self-produced electricity at home.

The person who wants to store their self-produced electricity can apply for financial support.

To be able to receive the subsidy, the energy storage system that you have must be connected to a facility for self-production of renewable electricity.


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Do you know the details behind our advanced battery pack?

Combined with our advanced bi-polar NiMH battery technology the Nilar EC Battery pack is a safer, greener, more reliable and cost-efficient energy storage solution.

By starting our production process already from the raw material, we control the entire cost structure and performance of the battery. Unlike our competitors, we own cell production to our batteries, thus avoiding surprises and optimizing their properties. By placing our flat cells in a lasagna structure in our building block, the module, which we then build together into battery packs that can be varied in different sizes, makes us distinguish ourselves from other battery companies. Our 12-module pack, which corresponds to as many as 250 cylindrical cells, is ideal for large electrical energy storages and systems.

You can find more information regarding why our solution is a safer, greener, more reliable and cost-efficient energy storage solution by clicking on the link below.


Battery Pack

Visit Nilar at eCarExpo

Who can get enough of fun fairs?

eCarExpo brings together most of the market’s rechargeable vehicles and latest charging and power supply technology under one roof.

You will find us from Nilar in GruppSol’s stand B01:20 – come by and say hi!

Svenska mässan


Friday, November 29: Industry and Corporate Day 10 am – 5 pm.

Saturday, November 30: Open to the public 10 am – 6 pm.

Sunday, December 1: Open to the public 10 am – 5 pm.


eCarExpo 2019/2020