21 green and sustainable projects in the heart of Stockholm

On September 10th, the European Investment Bank (EIB) launched a photo exhibition at a public square called Raoul Wallenbergs torg in the heart of Stockholm. The posters on display present 21 green and sustainable projects that have been financed by EIB over the last few years. The main theme of the event is “Working Together for a Sustainable Future.” There is free access to walk through the showcase to learn more about these progressive projects.

Since designating themselves as the European climate bank, EIB has worked hard to align their lending with climate related targets and the Paris agreement. The ambitious plan has brought critical funding to many innovative and groundbreaking companies working on important aspects of the green transition. Nilar is one of the proud recipients on display, with EIB supporting the expansion and improvement of the manufacturing lines as well as providing a financial boost to the research and development efforts to advance the commercial viability of the Nilar Hydride® technology.

The photo exhibition will be at Raoul Wallenbergs torg through September, moving to a different square in Sweden for October, Sergels torg. To learn more about the projects, visit the expo website found by clicking here.