Nilar batteries installed in the Swedish pavilion in Dubai

At Expo 2020 in Dubai, the Sweden pavilion is showcasing the collaborative spirit through renewable energy. As the official battery supplier, Nilar has furnished a sustainable energy storage system to operate in cooperation with solar panels skillfully embedded into the pavilion structure and an intelligent EnergyHub optimizing power use. The Sweden Pavilion is located within the area of Sustainability on the Expo 2020 grounds. This global event will begin on October 1st and span 6 months.

Noted as the largest investment in export and investment promotion for the Swedish government, the Sweden Pavilion is based on the idea of emerging smart cities within the Scandinavian woodlands. Referred to as “The Forest”, the imaginative wooden landscape presents a metaphor for the synergy of a bio-circular economy, showcasing how technologies are brought together by innovative life sciences and smart cities.

Nilar is honored to be one of the technologies exemplifying the expertise in Sweden at this global event. The energy storage system of the pavilion showcases the Nilar Hydride® technology and modular bi-polar construction as an environmentally conscious and reliable power source with essential safety benefits. The sophisticated monitoring and control systems ensure safe and reliable operation as well as seamless integration into larger solutions. Nilar batteries embrace the circular economy philosophy as a central theme in all design and innovation.

The Sweden pavilion shines a spotlight on renewable energy. The incoming sunlight is harnessed through 1000 square meters of solar panels embedded within the roof and façade by Soltech Energy AB. The EnergyHub, provided by Ferroamp, strategically manages the energy from the solar installations to power the Sweden Pavilion and optimizes power consumption through use of the Nilar energy storage system. Embodying the synergistic spirit of Sweden, the pavilion demonstrates of a complete system furnished through a three-company collaboration. Explore the interaction through the following film:

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