NiMH Batteries from Nilar – When Safety Matters

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Nickel metal hydride is a mature battery technology that has been used commercially for over 25 years for a variety of applications including consumer products, electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and stationary power applications. The mass introduction of batteries into cars is driving safety regulations both for vehicles and other battery applications, such as energy storage. The Swedish energy storage company Nilar have NiMH battery technology that is well positioned for this progress with safety as one of its main benefits.

Thanks to the stable nickel metal hydride chemistry, the bipolar battery from Nilar does not pose an explosion hazard – a common problem with lithium solutions. NiMH batteries utilise aqueous electrolyte rather than organic electrolyte – the chemistry base of lithium-ion batteries. This means there is no risk of self-ignition in NiMH batteries. NiMH batteries also perform well under fluctuating conditions, such as instant drops in temperature, shocks and constant motion.

“Lithium-ion batteries are capable of storing relatively large amounts of energy in a small and lightweight package, which is why they are so widely used today – and there are currently no other viable alternatives for small devices or fully electric vehicles. However, this is not the case for heavy-duty equipment, hybrid-vehicles, and stationary energy storage applications, where the NiMH battery technology is a far more stable and reliable option”, says Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar.

One of the many functionalities of the Nilar Battery Management System (BMS) is preventing the battery from overcharging or deep-discharging.

“Lithium-ion batteries in general require a very strict safety region when it comes to upper voltage limits, temperature limits and current limits. If you pass these set limits, you come into the safety critical region where thermal runaway can be triggered by internal short circuits, during deep discharge or during over charge. NiMH batteries, on the other hand, are more robust and capable of managing various safety critical events such as electrical and mechanical abuse, critical environmental exposure and faulty workmanship”, continues Marcus Wigren.

“We all know that lithium-ion batteries will continue to spread, despite the dangers. But safety is not to be taken lightly and people should know that there are more robust technologies available. For a private home, office building, or at other public areas, NiMH batteries offer the safest energy storage solution available as they will not cause harm to homeowners, passersby or properties. Rather, they will provide energy as and when required”, concludes Marcus Wigren.

Nilar leads the way with high-voltage storage solutions for the electrical energy storage market


Over the last number of years, the battery energy storage market has matured. Nilar has observed a decisive change in interest from low-voltage (below 60 Volt) to high-voltage (60 – 600 Volt) solutions in a variety of applications, a change that lends to Nilar’s strengths. To meet this change in market direction, Nilar has decided to increase its focus on high-voltage and to discontinue its current line of low-voltage solutions.

High-voltage battery systems offer considerable advantages over low-voltage systems, such as lower total cost of ownership, versatile installation, and future-oriented flexibility. This is compelling end users to adopt high-voltage storage solutions for their operations. This year there was a clear increase in high-voltage systems in the submissions for the EES Award, which reflects the current developments in the energy storage industry (1). This trend is much welcomed by Nilar:

Over 10 years ago Nilar realized that low voltage solutions would eventually evolve into high voltage products. Judging by the interest we have seen this year; the market is finally ready. Today, we are positioned better than ever before to embrace this market. Our bi-polar technology is ideally suited for high voltage applications and we have continuously invested in that future. These investments gave Nilar products that are broad reaching, efficient, and safe. Nilar will therefore focus on three high-voltage segments going forward; EV-charge support, home/business storage and grid support“, says Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar.

The emergence of Nilar’s high-voltage batteries has created new energy storage opportunities for various technologies and applications. Due to a unique combination of bi-polar design and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistry, Nilar can offer a high performing storage solution packaged in a safe and environmentally friendly battery.


Nilar bi-polar NiMH battery energy storage at Vakbeurs Energie Show in Netherlands

Between October 10th – 12th energy professionals have the opportunity to meet Nilar and the Dutch distributor Indutecc Industrial Solutions at Vakbeurs Energie Show 2017 in ‘S-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Together with Indutecc, Nilar will showcase the Nilar 48kWh battery energy storage rack solution, the high capacity energy storage that can be scaled with increments of 48kWh. Visitors will be able to explore the rack system which is based on the safe and reliable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) chemistry. Nilar representatives will be available during the fair to inform about how Modular Bi-polar battery technology with long service life and quality assurance, from battery cell to functional system, can satisfy your needs.

Visit Nilar and Indutecc in Booth 06.D014.

Visit Polish distributor of Nilar products at International Railway Fair

Visit our new Polish distributor Dacpol at TRAKO International Railway Fair between September 26th- 29thin Gdansk, Poland. Come by to hear more about the Nilar NiMH Bi-polar technology and battery energy storage solutions.

Visit DACPOL at Stand C15.

DACPOL is a Polish company specializing in distribution, service, manufacturing and export of power electronics components since 1991. DACPOL delivers components for power electronics, electrical engineering, electronics, power engineering and process automation.
For more information about DACPOL, visit:

TRAKO is one of the largest and most prestigious International Railway Fairs of Central and Eastern Europe. With this years 700 exhibitors from 25 countries the visitors can explore rolling stock, on-track machines and equipment. The 12th edition of the fair presents the latest solutions and news within the rail industry development. In addition to the exhibitors showcasing, the fair offers seminars, presentations, product demonstrations, debates and more.

For more information about TRAKO, visit:

Visit Nilar at the leading trade fair in Poland

Nilar will present its latest sustainable energy storage solutions at the Energetab trade fair in Bielsko-biata, Poland September 12-14. Together with Dacpol – our Polish distributor – we will showcase our energy storage rack solution, which is produced from battery cell to functional system in Sweden. Visitors will also hear more about our recent case stories for smart grid and smart buildings with our unique bi-polar NiMH energy storage.

You are welcome to visit us in Hall A, booth 27 


DACPOL is a Polish company specializing in distribution, service, manufacturing and export of power electronics components since 1991. DACPOL delivers components for power electronics, electrical engineering, electronics, power engineering and process automation.

About Energetab Fair

The Energetab Fair is a leading international Power Industry Fair with more than 700 submissions from exhibitors from over a dozen countries in Europe and Asia. Exhibitors will present their most recent products and solutions for the Polish energy sector. Among the exhibitors you find both well-known international companies providing a full range of products to the global markets as well as the majority of domestic suppliers of technologically advanced machinery, equipment and apparatus, aimed at generating and supplying reliable electricity. Last year the fair was attended by more than 750 exhibitors from 20 countries. Read more here

Nilar receives 10 MEUR investment from MP Pension’s green investment allocation, Climate Delta

Plans to double production capacity to meet increasing demand for the next generation safe energy storage solutions

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, MAY 26, 2017. Nilar International AB (publ.)*  –  a Swedish manufacturer of the Nilar Battery and of complete energy storage solutions – has closed a SEK 100 million investment from MP Pension’s green investment allocation, Climate Delta, as part of its SEK 150 million C-round. To date, Nilar has raised a total of SEK 600 million. Climate Delta invests in promising clean tech companies, among other green investments.  Nilar has developed a unique battery cell technology, which meets today’s demands on price, performance, safety and minimal environmental impact.

Demand for Nilar’s energy storage solutions is developing rapidly in the wake of the company’s customer deliveries and successful international trade shows. The investment will be used to double Nilar’s production capacity at its factory in Gävle, Sweden, and to develop new products and solutions to serve a range of applications, including home-storage, electric vehicle rapid-chargers, telecom back-up, large scale PV-storage and grid-integrated electrical buffers.

“The global market for energy storage solutions is currently growing by more than 30% per annum, according to Bloomberg NEF. This is being driven by growing intermittent production from solar, wind and other non-fossil sources, combined with a rapidly emerging electrical vehicle charging network, as well as growing challenges in electrical grid infrastructure. The requirement for localized energy storage is now being addressed across the globe, resulting in improved electrical grid resilience and reduced carbon emissions, and we, at Nilar are playing an active role in this. In the past year, we have perfected our energy storage solutions, while strengthening our presence through new distribution agreements across Europe and Asia. This goes hand in hand with the maturing energy storage market, which is transitioning from an ‘early adopter’ stage into a mass market,” says Marcus Wigren, Managing Director at Nilar.

Adds Michael Obermayer, Chairman: “Many investors are looking for innovative high-potential companies in our field. We are grateful that MP Pension’s Climate Delta decided to make a substantial investment in Nilar in this round. As a long-term investor that has a key focus on clean-tech companies, they expect very high standards from their portfolio companies in terms of being environmentally friendly and responsible in all aspects of the product life-cycle. Climate Delta is the ideal partner for us as we move towards an IPO.”

“We are making this long-term investment because we believe that investing in clean technology and related areas will benefit our members as a key contributor to value creation in the long run. We find that Nilar’s technology is both competitive and environmentally sound, avoiding the environmental hazards of some other commonly used battery technologies. The clean tech aspects also extends to the whole value chain of production, transportation and recycling, which is important to us,” says Jens Munch Holst, CEO of MP Pension.

About MP Pension and Climate Delta:  MP Pension is a Danish pension fund with approximately 120,000 members (M.A’s, M.Sc.’s and Ph.D’s) and EUR 14.5 billion under management. In 2016, MP Pension decided to make a specific climate oriented allocation, called Climate Delta, with the aim of investing in companies working with solutions compensating for climate change or alleviating the consequences of climate change already in progress. Climate Delta is set to grow to approximately 5% of MP’s assets under management, c. EUR 1.5bn.