There is a major difference between batteries

Batteries are a prerequisite in facilitating the green transition, and demand for energy storage in homes, commercial and industrial properties and the energy network is increasing substantially. Today batteries are already used in everything from small watches and smart phones, to cars, ships and properties. The total global storage capacity is expected to increase 16 times between 2022 and 2031, with an annual growth of 40%.

At the same time, there is a major difference between batteries. Important properties such as voltage, energy density, flammability, performance and sustainability are governed by the battery’s
design and chemical content. The applications for different types of battery therefore also vary. Nilar
builds batteries for stationary energy storage. This means that our batteries are ideal for installation
in smart homes, office properties and industrial buildings so that energy can be used when it is
needed – not just when it is produced. Our batteries thereby even out price and capacity fluctuations in the electricity grid.

Water-based electrolyte provides superior safety

The water-based electrolyte in Nilar’s batteries cannot ignite or burn. Uniform current flow paths
mean that there are no concentrated hotspots and provide a more efficient heat dissipation. All in
all, this leads to the risk of internal short-circuit decreasing substantially in Nilar’s batteries. Uncontrolled chain reactions that can lead to fires or explosions are avoided. The fact is that Nilar’s
batteries are so safe that they can be transported by air. Home owners and property owners can sleep soundly at night knowing that they have safe and sustainable batteries in their energy storage system.

ReOx® – Smart for both the wallet and the environment.

Nilar is first in the world with a technology that enables spent batteries to be restored and given
the same storage capacity as if the battery was completely new. The technology is called ReOx and
enables worn out batteries to be replenished with new oxygen, extending the battery’s service life by at least three times. There are numerous benefits, the battery’s performance is retained for longer, at the same time as the circular life cycle is beneficial for both the environment and the users’ wallet. With ReOx®, Nilar is building a reliable and safe source of power designed to last for a long time.

Designed to be recycled

For Nilar, sustainability and a circular philosophy permeates the entire chain from research and
development to production. We have developed a design where the majority of components can be
recycled and re-used, and moreover, the amount of waste in the production process is minimised.
Furthermore, all products from Nilar are produced in our factory in Sweden with 100% renewable
energy. Nilar’s battery is constructed in a way that enables material to be separated mechanically,
without energy-intensive processes. Components from the battery can thereby be re-used, even in
new Nilar batteries. To further ensure that we offer a sustainable solution, our batteries do not contain any cadmium, mercury or lead.