The right battery in the right place

Batteries will play an increasingly important role going forward, especially considering our transition to renewable energy and the increasing electrification of society. The expectation is for an annual growth of 40%.

However, there needs to be a larger discussion about which type of battery is best suited to different applications. Important characteristics such as voltage, energy density, flame safety, performance and durability are determined by the battery’s construction and chemical content. Therefore, the application of different battery types also varies.

Lithium batteries have many advantages, but also an increased risk of health-threatening fires. I hope that the fire in Gothenburg reminds us of the need to research and develop solutions that make the best use of the characteristics of the various battery technologies. We don’t yet know how the fire started, but let this be a reminder that the right battery for the right purpose increases safety.

The water-based electrolyte in Nilar’s batteries cannot ignite or burn, making our batteries particularly suitable for use in reliable stationary energy storage in the home, office or industry. At the same time, there are other battery types that are better suited to electric vehicles or smartphones.

Simply put, the right battery in the right place.

Erik Oldmark
CEO Nilar International AB

Article in Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter “Lithium batteries on fire in Gothenburg”