Long-term power for smart electricity grids and infrastructure projects

Today’s electricity grid cannot handle the new requirements from mass charging of electric vehicles and overall increased electrification. Energy storage will be an important part of the electrical infrastructure of the future. Energy storage solutions with batteries from Nilar are an effective way to tackle these coming challenges.

Infrastructure project solutions

As the utilities and governments anticipate significant investment in electrical grid transmission capabilities for the future, energy storage is the only viable solution to bridge the gap. Energy storage providing grid support will be an essential part of the electrical infrastructure. The flexible batteries from Nilar enable a range of scalable energy storage solutions to meet the needs of large projects.

Integration of renewable energy

The ever-increasing growth of renewable energy in the power grid poses new challenges when it comes to grid stability and reliability of supply. Using Nilar batteries in energy storage can help smooth out the irregular power patterns of renewables such as wind turbines and solar panels, allowing us to move faster towards a carbon neutral society.

Manufactured in Sweden

To keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, Nilar batteries are manufactured from cell to system at our fully automated production plant in Gävle, Sweden using 100% clean and renewable energy. The Q&A process ensures that nothing leaves our factory until it has been approved at every stage of production.

What can you do with energy storage containing Nilar batteries?

An energy storage solution using Nilar batteries can perform many different tasks in a grid or utility-scale application. These tasks can be used in different situations and in combination with each other to provide the specific functions that your application needs.


For remote areas where the electricity supply is unreliable or non-existent, an energy storage can be charged from energy sources not connected to the grid and discharged when these sources are unavailable.


A backup system can be used when the regular power supply is unavailable, allowing for a more continuous power supply. By always conserving part of the energy storage capacity, energy is available if power losses occur.

Frequency Regulation

Safe and stable operation of the electrical grid can be ensured with the help of energy storage, by maintaining and regulating the frequency on the grid.


Islanding occurs when a local generator continues to power a location even when the electrical grid is no longer present, such as at remote locations with an unreliable grid.

Discover our products

We design, develop and manufacture Nilar Hydride® batteries in our state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden. With sustainable and safe products, we enable the optimal energy storage system, whether it be for peak shaving of renewable energy, increased transmission capacity, coltage regulation or disturbance reserve.

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