The world is changing and so is our need for energy. At Nilar we are doing our part to move energy storage into the future. We are Rethinking Power.



With the bi-polar NiMH battery, Nilar brings you the next generation in modular power technology. The unique construction of the battery delivers incredible power and reliability from a lighter, smaller and greener unit. Furthermore, the modular design allows batteries to be coupled in parallel and series to deliver the power and capacity required to meet virtually any need. Put simply, Nilar batteries deliver more from less.

Since it was founded in 2000 by two of the leading experts from the battery branch, Nilar has always sought to challenge the norms of the battery industry. From its two R&D departments in the USA and Sweden the company has revolutionized the way industrial batteries are constructed, developing a unique energy storage system that can be easily scaled to fit different applications. Today, the batteries are produced at the company’s state-of-the-art factory in Sweden.

Features of Nilar Batteries

  • High modularity enables production of application specific packs.
  • Highly robust and safe batteries with integrated heat transfer and no welds or intercell cables, ensure a long life.
  • Attractive total cost of ownership with a long calendar and cycle life, low product liability exposure and low service costs.
  • Maintenance free, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly