Nilar Energy and Energy+ product series

We are excited to be sharing the great news of the launch of the Nilar Energy and Energy+ batteries!

By applying expertise acquired through our predecessor, the batteries encompass multiple improvements and are made to meet a wide range of applications.

In 2018, we brought a new battery to the market by using our patented Nilar Hydride® technology, introducing a new robust sealing design, reduced volumetric footprint, increased efficiency, and improved ease in installation. This battery embodies years of gained experience and applied research and development. As this battery is deployed in numerous systems in multiple countries, we observed the nuances of the performance and evolving needs of the market and applied this knowledge towards unrelenting design enhancement. This recent product line led to insights into improvements and innovations that can only make the battery better, now and in the future.

We now introduce the Nilar Energy and the Nilar Energy+ Battery. More efficient from cell to system, both have retained the critical aspects that have become synonymous with Nilar: long term power, superior safety benefits, and environmental sustainability. The batteries showcase the Nilar Hydride® technology and modular bi-polar construction. The Nilar Energy Battery has a 10 Ah capacity, like its predecessor. A more resilient plastic was implemented into the laser-welded module casing. The Energy+ battery encapsulates all the advancements of the Energy Battery, with the addition of a capacity increase. The electrode volume contains an increase of compressed active material, leading to a 12 Ah capacity. The Energy Battery is the exceptional choice for peak power reduction and provides expedient energy for any medium power application. When more energy is essential, the Energy+ battery serves as the premier energy source. It is the optimal choice for time shifting and the steady energy achieved is invaluable for low power applications.

The other area of continuous evolution is within our battery management system (BMS). The local battery management electronics and associated programming are fully designed within Nilar; there are intricacies in efficiently managing nickel metal hydride chemistry that are best addressed in-house. Building on the experience gained through our design process and 2020 deployments, we have made several changes within the circuit design to further improve the already outstanding safety qualities, reduce costs and increase functionality. Our proprietary program has advanced in how it processes the dynamic data coming out of the battery, opening up more sophisticated capabilities. In addition, the communication with energy management systems was improved for better and more efficient interaction. The updated BMS accentuates the superior performance of the new Nilar Energy and Nilar Energy+ Battery.

“To meet the evolving global industry demands, Nilar brings these two new batteries to the market. Each has its own distinct characteristics to satisfy different circumstances, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. We are passionate about serving our customers and embracing our role within the energy transition,” says Jan Lundquist, Head of Sales & Marketing.

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