Nilar EC Home Box

The modern household is becoming sustainable and self-sufficient, with increased use of solar power and the addition of electric cars. The new Nilar Energy Compact (EC) Home Box enables storage of excess solar energy to be utilized when demand is high or whenever it’s needed. This allows homeowners to become energy independent, by increasing self-consumption, reducing peaks in power consumption and minimising grid fee costs. The Nilar EC Home Box is a fully recyclable battery energy storage solution, that is Swedish produced with 100 percent renewable energy and is designed to last for more than 20 years.


A new and improved design

The Nilar Home Box brings all the advantages of Nilar Hydride® batteries in a new compact and elegant design. With water based and non-flammable electrolyte, the Nilar Hydride® battery cells offer unique safety benefits when compared to other energy storage options.

The perfect battery for homeowners

Combining solar panels with energy storage from Nilar allows you to use this renewable energy source even when the sun is down. It also provides you with the ability to use extra energy for when you really need it, without putting additional strain on your grid connection. This reduces demand charges and will allow you to take full advantage of your grid connection.

Product specifications

Product name Art. no. No. of battery packs Pack voltage [V] System voltage [V] Energy [kWh] Weight [kg]
Nilar EC Home Box 24-0069 4 144 576 6 200
Nilar EC Home Box-F 21-0001 4 144 576 6 200


Read more in the Nilar Home Box Product information datasheetPDF.

Physical dimensions of the Nilar Home Box

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