Nilar and KOSTAL’s partnership

Nilar and KOSTAL’s partnership – makes energy storage more accessible for homeowners

As technology continuously advances and renewables become more prominent, the stress on the grid is rampantly growing. From the first prototype, Nilar strived to create the ideal battery to destress the grid within a sustainable energy storage installation. The years of applied experience and cumulative knowledge have instilled the importance and benefits of a great partner that can help penetrate the market. Nilar is proud of our emergent collaboration with KOSTAL Solar Electric. Their customer-oriented focus and innovative solution design align well with Nilar’s company values.

KOSTAL Solar Electric offers an all-in-one hybrid inverter which is the perfect solution for every application. The PLENTICORE series can be adapted for multiple configurations, integrating photovoltaic (PV) systems with energy storage, whether as a new installation or a retrofit. This smart device allows the consumer to charge a battery directly from PV or another AC power source. KOSTAL hybrid inverters not only manage the interaction between PV and energy storage; they optimize electricity use based on self-learning, forecast-based energy management.

A PV system integrated with storage is efficient and very advantageous because the self-generated energy can be used practically any time of day, not just when produced. More power is needed during peak times such as lunchtime during an office’s busy workday or in the evening at a household where everyone has returned for the evening.  The goal is to find an optimal balance of the available energy. This means storing the energy when inexpensive or when the sun produces more than needed and then using it when power demands are the highest. In addition, implementing an efficient power system contributes to the environment by allowing the highest consumption possible of self-generated power while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

To create a complete package for consumers, KOSTAL tested multiple battery manufacturers to verify their interaction and performance when integrated with their inverter solutions. Nilar manufactures nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries to be a safe, green, and reliable option on the market. The batteries contain water-based, non-flammable electrolyte and the bipolar design creates a uniform current path to avoid any concentrated heat spots. They do not generate short circuit current failure even under low temperature charging. The electrodes cannot ignite spontaneously and will not cause heat propagation between modules. The dynamic capabilities of the sophisticated battery monitoring and control systems allow for safe and reliable operation as well as seamless integration.

Through this qualification work, Nilar and KOSTAL found the perfect match when pairing the PLENTICORE series with the Nilar Hydride® battery as an alternative to lithium-ion technology. Frank Henn, Vice President of KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH comments: “More flexibility – that is what we offer our customers with the combination of our all-in-one PLENTICORE hybrid and battery inverters and Nilar’s high quality battery solutions”.

Now that the partnership has been formalized, KOSTAL and Nilar, together, can offer this combination of inverter and battery to a consumer’s system to use more green renewable solar power. Transport, storage and safety can be achieved without extra precautions thanks to the use of NiMH chemistry of Nilar Hydride® batteries. The Nilar/KOSTAL is the optimal choice for anyone looking for a safe and environmentally friendly energy storage solution. “Nilar is passionate about being an essential component within the energy transition. Pairing with KOSTAL brings us a step closer to meeting the evolving industry demands,” stated Jan Lundquist, Nilar Head of Sales & Marketing.

The partnership between Nilar and KOSTAL paves the way to expand into new markets. This includes branching further into Scandinavia, Benelux, DACH and Southern Europe. To learn more about an energy storage system and if it is the right choice for you, contact Nilar or KOSTAL to discuss a solution today.

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