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We now announce our cooperation towards the ideal energy storage solution with KOSTAL Solar Electric, headquartered in Germany. Pairing the PLENTICORE series with the Nilar Hydride® battery will lead to the optimal choice for anyone looking for a safe and environmentally friendly system to take full advantage of self-generated energy.


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Home ready solution

Balancing the amount of energy available means storing the energy when inexpensive or when the sun produces more than needed and then using it when power demands are the highest. The Nilar/KOSTAL system is powered by Nilar Hydride® batteries and is the optimal choice for the modern household looking for a safe and environmentally friendly energy storage solution.


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At Nilar, we want anyone pursuing energy storage to feel engaged and informed in the process, collaborating with us towards the best choice for your specific situation. Contact Nilar or KOSTAL today to discuss a solution.

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Get to know KOSTAL

Beginning as a family-owned company, the KOSTAL group has evolved into a leader in multiple industries. KOSTAL Solar Electric is a leading supplier of innovative solar inverters and storage solutions for private and small commercial PV systems. The Germany-based company works closely with various partners, e.g. from the smart home and e-mobility sectors, to be the premier solution provider for smart energy generation and its use. The experience of the KOSTAL Group, with more than 100 years as an automotive supplier, is of great benefit in this realm. KOSTAL has a customer focused approach to quality and innovation which solidified their position in the market.

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