Manufactured in Sweden with 100% renewable energy

It is our ambition to develop and produce one of the world’s most sustainable batteries at our plant in Gävle. It is based on Nilar’s innovations, patents and entrepreneurship. We are now ready to show what we can do and, together with our selected collaborative partners, supply the market with system solutions that function in everyday life.

Stockholm, Sweden

Since 2011, the Headquarters of Nilar is located in the municipality of Täby in Stockholm, Sweden. The office consists of our highly experienced management team as well as a dedicated sales and marketing department. One of the Headquarter’s main focuses is to ensure that Nilar continues to approach the market with new, innovative and Nickel Metal Hydride based batteries with our partners. Both managers and staff are dedicated to satisfying the demand for renewable energy storage.

Gävle, Sweden

The Nilar state-of-the-art factory has been in use since 2012, when the first industrial production line and battery development laboratory was implemented at the premises in Gävle, Sweden. Today, our passionate and skilled staff ensures the high quality of every product that leaves our factory. Furthermore, the Battery Management System is developed in-house by our skilled software developers. The premises also host our team of R&D experts, chemists and engineers with the advancement of batteries for sustainable energy storage solutions as their main focus.

Our company is constantly moving forward and a lot is happening all the time. Be a part of our journey and check out our current job openings.