Nilar has started production of the world’s first battery that can be refilled with new life

Nilar International AB in Gävle develops batteries for energy storage solutions for the green transition. Now the production of the next generation batteries has started. Nilar is the first in the world with a technology that allows used batteries to be restored and regain the same storage power as a new battery. A first partial delivery of batteries will take place in week 44.

Nilar develops, designs, and produces batteries for stationary energy storage systems. Now the company is taking an important step and starting production of the next generation battery solution at the facility in Gävle. The battery is the first to feature a technology called ReOx, which allows used batteries to be refilled with gas to restore the original battery capacity. Nilar has developed the ReOx technology in collaboration with researchers at Stockholm University.

– “Until today, batteries that have reached their practical lifespan have been exhausted and unusable. With ReOx technology, our batteries can be restored to their original storage capacity at least 3 times, which can further extend the life by several years. This means both greatly reduced resource use and major cost savings for the users. This is obviously a big and important step forward for Nilar”, says Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB.

The order that is now being produced was signed this spring by Enequi. It is the starting point for the production of the new, world-unique battery system with batteries and software adapted for gas filling at the company’s own factory in Gävle. The order applies to a total of 800 batteries with associated software, for 100 units of Enequi’s intelligent energy storage QuiPower Storage.

Smart and durable batteries are a prerequisite for the green transition. Batteries are needed to be able to store energy production from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and to smooth out imbalances in the electricity grid.

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Erik Oldmark, CEO
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Matilda Ekman Vråmo
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About Nilar:
Nilar is a Swedish-based developer and manufacturer of batteries aimed for stationary electrical energy storage systems. Energy storage can be used to bridge the gap between energy production and consumption, for example to better exploit the potential of intermittent electricity production from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. Energy storage systems will also play a key role when it comes to reinforce increasingly strained electricity grids. Nilar’s battery technology is Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) based on a water-based electrolyte, resulting in a strong environmental, safety and performance profile. The company is headquartered in Täby and production is since 2012 based in the Gävle, where the company’s research and development also takes place.

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