Nilar welcomes trainees for Technical Internship

We are proud to announce that from September 2022, we will take part in Tekniksprånget, an internship program that aims to attract young adults to continue with higher technical education. The need for technical expertise has never been greater and the competition for engineers is intensifying. To cope with future challenges, more young people need to choose a higher technical education. Many hesitate to do so, especially young women. Tekniksprånget’s vision is to change that by motivating young adults to continue their studies within the technical field by inviting them to do practical internships.

Except the opportunity to develop solutions for a more sustainable future, our trainees have pointed out that the most exciting part of doing their internship at Nilar, is that they will get to work all over our R&D department including mechanics, chemistry, systems and production technology. The internship will not only give them insights in the company, but also provide them with practical knowledge that will be useful for future technical studies. We are excited to welcome our trainees and are looking forward to have them on the Nilar team!

Learn more about Tekniksprånget and their vision here.