Nilar representatives on IVA’s top-100 list 2020


The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has selected a research project by Professor Dag Noréus and Dr Yang Shen for this year’s IVA 100 list.

The list highlights a range of prominent research projects from Swedish universities, all related to sustainability.Through the research project Professor Dag Noréus and Dr. Yang Shen have developed a method for multiplying the lifetime of nickel-metal hydride batteries. This ultimately means that the batteries can handle a lot of more charging cycles without losing capacity. The new method restores the batteries once they start to wear out. Other rechargeable batteries must be melted down in order to be recycled into a new set of batteries.

“It’s pleasant to see that IVA recognizes the Nilar Hydride battery development.”

– Dag Noréus

“I’m happy that our research resulted in something that actually gives batteries the positive effect on the environment that we all want to see.”

– Yang Shen


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