Nilar helps create sustainable accommodation in Holland

Through an efficient use of solar panels, a wood pellet boiler and batteries from Nilar, Dutch company Nieuw Leven has managed to create one of the most sustainable accommodation properties in Europe

When Nieuw Leven Accommodation decided to completely renovate their properties and relaunch under a new modern concept, a desire to minimize their environment footprint was at the heart of this. With a focus on sustainability, they needed a reliable energy storage solution that was in line with the new concept.

To promote self-sufficiency, Nieuw Leven invested in solar panels and a wood pellet boiler that can produce electricity. This included 97 Solarwatt 0,3kWP mono solar panels, producing an average of 29,1kWP. The panels provide power through a 27.6kW PV ABB TRIO inverter. Any excess energy is transferred to a 48 kWh Nilar rack system via a 50kW ABB ESI battery inverter. The entire process is managed by a Lovato energy management system, which ensures a smooth flow of electricity throughout the properties.

“A sustainable goal also includes sustainable batteries; The Nilar system is not only the safest battery in the market, they are also fully recyclable and contain no cadmium, mercury or lead. A logical choice for us!”, says Martijn Eelman, co-owner of Nieuw Leven.

Thanks to the combination of solar panels and an efficient energy storage system, Nieuw Leven can be reasonably self-sufficient during the sunniest times of the year. The energy produced during the day is both used to provide guests with electricity and stored in the Nilar system for use in the evening. During the winter months, when necessary, the wood pellet boiler provides energy for hot water and heating and can meet electrical requirements if necessary.