Nilar doubles production rate

Last fall, Nilar International AB began production of the next generation battery system, the only one in the world that can be refilled with new life. At the end of February, the production rate will increase further to four production lines – close to doubling today’s volume.

– At our factory in Gävle, we develop and produce one of the world’s most durable and safe batteries. The doubling of the production rate also means that we are fully in line with our long-term goals and plan for volume growth, says Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB.

Together with selected partners, Nilar create system solutions that work in everyday life. In 2022, Nilar started strategic collaborations with Enequi and McEnergy, both of which supply complete energy storage systems for households, properties, and industries. With an increased production rate, more batteries will be able to be used in new integration projects and test systems together with Nilar’s partners. The production increase also provides capacity for new projects and collaboration partners going forward.

With its own patents, batteries are developed and manufactured with superior safety and durability benefits compared to most others on the market. The fact that Nilar now offers the next generation battery also means several important quality and performance improvements for users. Part of the increased production will therefore be used for an exchange program, where batteries in certain older systems is replaced with updated batteries.