Nilar and SolarPro customer case

We now have a new customer case to display.

SolarPro is a leading provider of solar and energy storage solutions in Belgium. The company recently entered a new business segment: supplying back-up energy – in the form of a frequent con¬tainment reserve – to the Belgium national grid to meet country-wide demand.Together with our partner Indutecc, we had the opportunity to offer a solution with our Nilar batteries, which SolarPro currently offers to home and commercial property owners as part of a complete energy solution.

The Challenge:

Build a safe and reliable energy storage solution to compete as a Balanced Service Provider (BSP) of back-up energy to the Belgium and European energy market. The frequency containment reserve (FCR) must meet the requirements of Elia, Belgium’s transmission system operator, as well as strict EU directives. Approved suppliers will be able to bid to supply back-up energy on a four-hourly basis as of July 2020, 365 days a year.

The Solution:

A minimum of 1 MWh of power is required in order to take part in the bidding process. To meet this energy requirement, SolarPro is collaborating with a number of suppliers located around the country.  SolarPro will supply 115 kWh of power from its warehouse located in Turnhout, northern Belgium, close to the Dutch border. The FCR will consist of two 57.6 Nilar rack systems. These will be connected to a Socomec SUNSYS PCS² inverter and the entire system will be managed with an Energy Management System from SolarPro and Ileco.

The Benefits:

The long life of Nilar EC battery packs means that SolarPro do not have to worry about replacing batteries even though the frequency containment reserve will run uninterrupted – constantly charging from or supplying energy to the grid. Additionally, as Nilar batteries are fireproof, the system can be located in SolarPro’s busy warehouse and office complex, which is located in a built-up area where people live and work.“We wanted safe, powerful, and reliable batteries.” says Randy Helsen, Project Manager at SolarPro. “We also wanted a sustainable solution, since green energy is a big part of our business. After analyzing the different alternatives, it became obvious that only Nilar ticked all the boxes.”

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