Meet a Nilar employee – Oliver

What lead you to work in this industry?
I was working in B2B publishing for 10 years prior. In the last few years, I helped with the launch of Energy Storage News which has grown to be the leading news platform dedicated to the storage sector. I have been passionate about sustainable technologies, mastering my sales skills, and decided to make the leap into energy technology. I wanted to be a part of the market finding greener solutions for tomorrow. I can see that the energy storage sector is one of the fastest growing industries and has incredible opportunities. Working for a company like Nilar has enabled me to sell at another level by offering more environmentally friendly solutions to the market, a next gen technology, and I get to work on a lot of cool projects!

What do you find most fun about your job?
That every day is different than the next and offers new challenges to overcome. I enjoy meeting partners and integrators and facilitating a sale, starting from establishing a relationship with a new client to becoming acquainted and building a trust in what great solutions we can offer the market together. I love working in a team with experts to learn from. I value how much responsibility we’re given; the Nilar leadership trusts your ability which has been shown to clearly be a winning concept.

You recently moved from UK to Sweden. What has been your experience so far?
I moved here in September. Moving has been a huge upgrade in my everyday life due to the difference in how the pandemic situation was being handled; I have appreciated having more freedom. I have fallen in love with the Swedish culture – I love the concept of what you call “fika” here; I enjoy going to our summer house on Öland and the home that I built for myself here. I’m even marrying my Swedish girlfriend and hope to start a family and settle into a life in Sweden.

What differences do you see between the energy storage market in the UK and the one in Sweden?
The energy storage market in the UK has been growing but we’re still hoping to see some sort of subsidies with the administration changes. Sweden have a very advantageous subsidy model. The UK doesn’t currently offer subsidies, so here, in Sweden, we have more incentives. This, of course, has some effect on the growth potential of the market. It seems like the UK is more focused on large scale solutions and grid infrastructure. In Sweden, we have more incentives which offer greater potential for the home and residential market.

Who inspires you?
My partner and my family have been a big inspiration; they guide me to make the right decisions in certain aspects, in my personal life as well as when it comes to my career. Throughout my career, I have also had many incredible mentors, and these have usually been managers who I respect and have learnt a lot from.

How do you keep up to date with the latest news on the market?
Having been a part of launching Energy Storage News, which is the leading news platform on the energy storage market, I learnt a lot on where and how to keep up on the latest news in the industry.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
Right now, I’m trying to expand our products on the international markets. I’m involved in really exciting integration projects with leading partners in the regions that I cover. I’ve set up our company with other incredible players on the market. Integrating the Nilar solutions with leading inverter and integration partners is truly a joy!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself in a leadership role at Nilar; I would love to see myself as the head of a region or country manager. I want to be able to watch and see the company, that I have come to love, become one of the top battery companies in the industry.

A secret talent?
I can juggle, play the piano, and I love all watersports.

The best thing about working at Nilar?
The responsibility given. Also, the opportunities offered to grow and to be part of a tech company that will be one of the top energy storage solution providers.