Meet a Nilar employee – Nils

What led you to work in this industry?
I always had a general interest in environmental questions, finding ways for the world to operate more sustainably. Working at Nilar helps me to contribute within my work; our company’s goal and vision are motivating for me.

What’s most fun about your job?
My tasks vary greatly. I get to talk to so many nice people from all over the world. My suggestions to improve ways of working to help everyone from electricians to end customers are being heard and implemented; therefore, I feel valued and motivated.

What’s the most common misconception with your role?
A lot of people don’t realize the severity and responsibility that my role contains. It’s extremely important that I guide installers correctly and provide the right information. We always work with highly knowledgeable and educated installers. It could also be hard to understand just how broad my role is and what kind of issues we handle. All issues are of high technical degree; my role is to guide solutions to be optimized, identify next steps depending on solutions, as well as general assistance during installation.

Can you mention an educative project from your studies?
I achieved a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Uppsala University. At first, I pursued a Master of Engineering and tried “tekniksprånget,” which is a government-funded program where you are given four months to explore working at a place related to your studies; that’s when I realized what I want to do. I worked with a lot of mechanical engineers who inspired me. The education offers broad opportunities, it feels safe, established and enjoyable! During my studies, I did one year as an exchange student in Canada where I studied German, Digital Art, Programming, etc., which I have made good use of in my current role. My thesis was about 3D printing and creating prototypes which I also have used when suggesting improvements.

Who inspires you?
Myself in ten years, who I aspire to be.

A good book you’ve read?
I just finished reading Inferno by Dawn Brown. I like it since it takes place in the real world. You can follow the story figuratively by looking at the streets where the scenes take place in Google Maps, in that way you get a clearer image. The scenes take place in Venice and Florence which are very beautiful places that I have visited previously. Since the plot is about a world in a pandemic, it felt like a very good theme for the times we’re living in. I didn’t find the movie to be even close to as good as the book.

What motivates you?
I want to feel like I’m doing a great job. Since my job is a lot about helping others, the appreciation I receive is motivating. My colleagues also motivate me along with the goals of Nilar.

What are you looking forward to this summer?
My vacation starts soon. Now that I’ve received the vaccine, I look forward to meeting family, relatives, and friends. We are going to our summer house, climbing mountains, and sailing.

A secret talent?
I can spit fire. Once I started learning how to juggle, I was hanging out with a crowd that knew some circus tricks who taught me. Below is some photographic evidence.

The best thing about working at Nilar?
The goal image of the company, the togetherness between employees, and the opportunity to help people from all over the world.