A photo of a cake in the shape of a battery

Meet a Nilar employee – Josefin

A photo of a female employee with information regarding her What led you to work in the energy storage industry?

I applied for a job at Nilar because I think that the battery industry is very fast growing and interesting. It also caught my interest that Nilar had a production facility in Sweden. Prior to this job, I had worked within finances and I understood that, when working at Nilar, I would be able to be a part of building the financial department and have an influence on the establishment of processes and routines as well as creating the team.

What led you to work in finances?

I graduated as an engineer within industrial economy and have a master’s in business administration.  I always liked mathematics and working with numbers. It’s very satisfying to see, in a concrete way, what adds to what and get an overarching picture of situations.

What’s most fun about your job?

When working at a financial department, you indirectly work with all departments which gives you great insights into the company. Even though I’m positioned at our headquarters in Stockholm, I feel close to our production in Gävle. I’m not anonymous; most people know who I am and what my role is within the company.

What is the most common misconception about your role?

Since pretty much anything that goes through a company has an economical consequence and makes an imprint, the accounting principles goes through all departments. This can sometimes lead to employees thinking that you have an influence in fields that are not within your expertise and responsibility, such as the increase of salaries and other financial benefits of employees.

Favorite tv-show?


What tips would you have appreciated before taking your first job?

Make sure that you are well read; it’s a lot easier to be confident when you feel like you know the subject by heart. Believe in yourself – don’t feel like you should excuse yourself for taking space. I see that being a bigger problem for women than men in general.

Who inspires you?

I look up to other women that are well educated and unapologetically put their best foot forward.

A fun project that you have been involved in?

I was a part of implementing Nilar’s group consolidation system, Aaro. I appreciated the technical aspects of the project and implementing the new system from scratch.

Your best memory from a company event at Nilar?

At one of our launch parties in Älvkarleby, we had a meeting where all departments got to share insights to what they were working on. It was interesting to see, in more detail, what the different departments were involved in. On top of it, we had a really fun party and I remember the weather being great.

A secret talent?

Baking. I once baked a Nilar battery cake. Have a look at this photo!

A photo of a cake in the shape of a battery

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

I look forward to a more regular lifestyle. Since corona, my everyday life has been very effected. I hope that the autumn will bring back a somewhat more normal feeling and lifestyle again.

What’s the best thing about working at Nilar?

Aside from the fact that the battery industry and the product we are offering are both very interesting, I would say the companionship between colleagues. We have a very good atmosphere at the office – I highly value that. We are often hanging out between departments… There’s a sense of togetherness between everyone.