Meet a Nilar Employee – Johnny Engfeldt

What is your job title?
Product Manager

How would you describe yourself?
Over the years, I’ve been told that I’m trustworthy, knowledgeable, and helpful. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am always curious about gaining new knowledge, experiences, and I am not afraid to take on new challenges and areas of work. At the same time, I like to understand and give things structure, and I believe in the motto that right should be right. Apart from this, I see myself as a social person who likes to participate in conversations and meetings, whether it is business meetings or spontaneous conversations by the coffee machine.

What led you to work in the energy storage industry?
I have always liked working with products and services that promote sustainability and have a positive impact on the environment and the battery industry is clearly an industry that can contribute to just that and make our world a better place.

How did your journey with Nilar begin?
I had heard and read a little about the company before, although my first direct contact with the company was through a recruiter who reached out to me about a potential career opportunity at Nilar. This gave me some new insights of the product and made me more curious of Nilar’s vision of creating sustainable energy solutions and was eager to learn more.

What is the most common misconception about your role?
A lot of people believe that a Product Manager is solely responsible for all aspects of a product, but that is not the case. A Product Manager works cross-functional in many teams and areas to bring a product to market. It can be company product targeting and offer, aesthetic and industrial design and writing specifications, to name a few.

What is the coolest thing you are working on right now?
As I’m new to the position I have to read a lot of information and talk to as many people as possible to better understand the market segment and the company. It will then be easier for me to better understand the best way forward for Nilar and the products. I also find the human and technology interface between market, customer, and product really interesting.

What motivates you?   
I am motivated by new knowledge and unexplored ground, but perhaps above all working with nice and knowledgeable people who inspire me to be my best.

Early mistakes that you learnt from in your career?
One early mistake I learned from is the belief that you can do everything yourself. While it is important to take on responsibility and be self-sufficient, it is equally important to seek help and support from others. By reaching out and collaborating with others, you can learn even quicker and achieve your goals more efficiently. People generally like to help when you reach out to them, because then they feel knowledgeable and needed.

Your favorite hobby?
Music has always been in my life since childhood, I enjoy both listening to and playing music, which I have brought up again recently. I often go to concerts and really like all kinds of music, but my heart beats extra hard for rock and metal. My current favorite band is Ghost because they have the whole package of music, image and a stage show that sets them apart.

A secret talent or special skill?
As a child, I often drew, whether I was at home or in the car. So, I always got a lot of encouragement from teachers and others for my drawing skills. While I have not continued to draw in recent years, I hope to return to it in the future, perhaps as a hobby in retirement.

What’s the best thing about working at Nilar?
As I mentioned I’m new to the company. My first impression is that it seems to be a good group of people working for a product they believe will make a positive difference to a more sustainable future.