Meet a Nilar employee – Edvin


What led you to work in the energy storage industry?
I chose to study Energy and Environment at the university because I have always been interested in technology. Climate change is a big issue, and I feel it is important to be involved and influential. Within energy, I was drawn to electrical energy because it felt the most logical. I like how electricity flow is so similar to water, picturing cables like piping. Electrical energy is such a relevant topic within the future. It is clear to me that this is where society is headed with the growth of electric vehicles and solar panels. As everything goes electric, I feel it is enjoyable to be part of societal development.

As a new employee of Nilar, what is your initial impression?
Over these last few months, I feel that I learn something new every day and have evolved in my role as an Application Engineer. I like the team spirit within the company, having experienced how many of my colleagues’ help out with tasks that are outside of their specific roles to support each other and our customers when needed.

What is the most common misconception about the industry?
It sometimes seems to be a surprise to people that you can generate your own electricity and reduce your costs, however, everyone I talk to is very positive towards a societal development towards cleaner energy.

Can you elaborate more on your master’s thesis that you completed in Kenya?
In 2019, I went to Kenya as part of my master’s thesis. There was a Swedish startup there that was converting safari cars to electric vehicles while integrating solar panels into the design to maintain a net zero consumption. My assignment was to help them modernize their production, helping to establish standardization of procedures. This would help them streamline their work, increasing how many vehicles they could convert per month. During my work, there were lots of discussions about battery selection.

What do you feel was the coolest experience you gained from that trip?
First and foremost, I met the mother of my child while there. On top of that, I had an awesome experience being immersed in another culture. I was able to go to another continent and jump into work with fully committed people. They were passionate about the same issues as me within the energy sector.

Lessons you learned in your career?
During my time at the university, I learned the importance of time management. My advice to others that are currently enrolled at a university is to enter the labor market, even if it is just every other weekend. You gain insights into how companies work and interact within the industry. It is good to have a side job during the summer and on weekends, even during holidays. It is good for meeting people and improving social skills. Also, the work experience gained is invaluable.

Who inspires you?
Right now, Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX. He is at the forefront of the technology, pushing all the markets forward. Outside the industry, it is my mother. She has always been a happy person. In life, it is the most important thing to be happy no matter where you are. She emphasized the power of having a positive attitude and not stressing over the future or the past. You should focus on living in the present.

What is a book you would recommend?
I really lean towards adventure, sci-fi and fantasy. It can be so magical when anything can happen. I enjoyed The Golden Compass with its different worlds; every chapter was something new. HBO has released a series, His Dark Materials, that highlights the full trilogy of the author. Also, I enjoyed the Hunger Games. I read the first book in high school and, once complete, I had to complete the whole series.

A secret talent?
I am really good at singing karaoke.

Best tips for staying productive?
Take advantage of the time set up for work and to always maintain a good Work-Life balance. When working from home, having a space that is arranged specifically for work hours has helped me to stay productive during work hours and being able to leave it as is once the workday ends.

What’s the best thing about working at Nilar?
The close teams and familial feeling. Everyone has nicknames and are able to make jokes. I really enjoy the humor. Everyone is like a family.