Meet a Nilar employee – Andreas Antonsson

What is your job title?
Sourcing & Logistics Manager

What led you to work in the energy storage industry?   
I was satisfied with my last job but when the pandemic came, my mindset changed. I was working remotely as most did at that time, and I felt that I wasn’t challenged enough. Then I got in contact with a recruiter for Nilar and got very interested in the position as a Sourcing and Logistics Manager. I had a strong feeling that this is a place where I can become a part of a positive change within the green energy transition.  

How did your journey with Nilar begin?
My first weeks at Nilar were very intense. My colleagues and I had to come up with solutions for increasing volumes and securing materials during a global pandemic that put the entire supply chain on edge. There were a lot of decisions that had to be made during a short period of time, which was extremely educational and interesting. 

How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a person who values different perspectives, both at work and in my personal life. To put it into context you could say that I always view everything from a helicopter perspective, before narrowing things down into details.   

I can also be a bit stubborn, or dedicated, as I like to call it. I have a saying that “whatever I haven’t succeeded with, is something I haven’t succeeded with YET”. I believe everything is possible if you put your mind to it, especially when taking different perspectives from colleagues, friends or family into account. Besides that, I have an ironic sense of humor that helps me cope with tough tasks. 

What is the most common misconception about your role?
A common misconception about my role is that logistics primarily works with freight forwarding and that the most important thing for purchasing is price. In fact, logistics are more focused on how we can have materials at each place and time, according to the needs we have (planning) and for purchasing, the price is driven by quality and availability. We are very dependent on understanding businesses in order to drive the right values. The process is very complex and there are many things to consider, therefore we always create a clear plan in order to succeed.  

What is the coolest thing you are working on right now?
It’s my colleagues who create all the cool things. We make a cool product in a cool company; we build batteries that contribute to coping with the current climate crisis. Taking it back to the helicopter perspective, batteries can be seen as a small part in the big energy system, but they play an important role in the green energy transition where sustainable batteries are a key factor. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. It’s so much more than just a product. It’s all the details together that make us cool!  

What motivates you?   
Results and goals are my greatest motivators. To deliver results I think it’s important with clear communication about the expectations. It also motivates me to be part of a team that together can create an actual change regarding the ongoing climate changes.

Early mistakes that you learnt from in your career?
When I started my career which included negotiations, I felt like I wasn’t receptive enough. I learned that it´s extremely important to take a step back and listen to the other person. Listening is so important because if you can´t see the other person’s perspective you can’t progress. 

Your favorite hobby?
In the last three years I’ve been really dedicated to water skiing. I put a lot of time and effort during the summers at our waterski-club, as my two children train and compete in this sport. We are a group of people who are very dedicated to this sport, and it is a lot of fun. We spend at least six days a week on the river, so you’ll find me there in the summer. I’ve tried water skiing a couple of times just for fun, but the focus is on my kids. 

A secret talent or special skill?
I’m not sure if this is a special skill or talent, but I actually created a part of an island. My father-in-law has a small island in Dalälven and with MANY buckets of sand and bricks, I’ve helped to make the Island bigger. Now it’s twice as big as before, but it took us ten years to finish it. Now there’s even room to play the Swedish game Kubb. That was a great project! 

What’s the best thing about working at Nilar?
The best thing about Nilar is my amazing colleagues. As already mentioned, we can be seen as a small part of the big energy system, but we really contribute to the important energy transition.