Indutecc chooses Nilar for smart energy storage solutions

Nilar International AB announces a new cooperation with Indutecc Renewable Solutions, part of the Dutch industrial group Schuurman Group. The cooperation is a long-term agreement and involves the development of smart energy storage solutions for larger industries and commercial properties. For Nilar, the agreement entails that the company can offer competitive and smart energy storage solutions to all prioritized market segments together with selected partners.

Indutecc Renewable Solutions is part of the 100-year-old Dutch corporate concern Schuurman Group and specializes within technology and advisory for solar energy installations and energy storage systems. The company delivers complete solutions with high quality, and are responsible for the entire value chain from project management to operation. Indutecc’s energy storage systems, with a capacity of 50-500 kWh, can also be integrated with solar energy to seamlessly optimize energy management in industrial and commercial properties.

– Currently, Nilar is seeing a very positive development. We have initiated several new collaborations, launched a new battery, and gradually increased the production rate. Indutecc will be an important long-term partner, and Nilar’s batteries will be integrated into a high-quality solution targeting broader market segments, says Erik Oldmark, CEO at Nilar International AB.

Initially, Indutecc and Nilar will establish a development project to test and integrate the battery into Indutecc’s own energy storage solutions. In addition, Indutecc acquires a number of energy systems from Enequi, which is already using Nilar’s batteries, with the aim of selling around thirty of these solutions during 2023.

Next year, Indutecc plans to start selling their own system solution where Nilar’s batteries are fully integrated. In the letter of intent, Indutecc also intends to purchase additional batteries from Nilar in the future, and continue a joint development of new products with greater storage capacity, aimed at a global market.

– The demand for energy storage is increasing rapidly, not least as a result of high energy prices and limited capacity in the grids. Nilar’s batteries provides a unique technology with several advantages in terms of safety, sustainability, and performance. By integrating Nilar’s batteries into our overall solutions, we can offer better solutions to our customers, says Rino van Deventer, CEO at Schuurman Group.

The agreement marks Nilar’s third integrated partner. Together with Enequi and Mc Energy, Nilar offers energy storage solutions to several prioritized market segments – from large industrial users to private homeowners.

The collaboration is also an important step in Nilar’s strategic plan going forward. Carefully selected partners build advanced software and management systems, where Nilar’s safe and sustainable batteries are integrated into an overall solution, adapted to the specific demands of each client.