Increased Demands on Energy Security

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has had a large impact on the global energy markets, meaning that policymakers must find a way to balance sustainability, security and affordability. Therefore, energy security is currently on the top of the agenda and European economies are searching for opportunities to decrease their dependence on imported fuels. Policies are already moving towards an increase in wind and solar power, but the high prices will accelerate the speed of the shift to low carbon energy even more.

To support the changing characteristics of the power generation mix, there will be a build up in infrastructure investment focusing on interconnection, transmission and distribution. This means that growth in flexible resources such as battery storage, will be critical to balance the increasingly variable nature of production. Nilar batteries utilize a bi-polar design, which contributes to making the battery a reliable source of power for more than 20 years. The production of the batteries is powered by 100 percent renewable energy and are designed, developed and manufactured in our factory in Gävle, Sweden. The unique solution that Nilar offers aligns with this current issue, and even if it’s a big challenge to overcome the current high prices, battery storage is the ultimate solution for providing energy security, sustainability and affordability today and in the future.

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