Focus on battery safety and recycling during visit in Gävle by the Swedish Parliament Member Lili André

Today we had the pleasure of hosting a visit at our R&D and production facility in Gävle by Lili André, Member of Parliament representing the Swedish political party Kristdemokraterna Gävleborg. Also attending during the visit was Jan Myléus, chairman of the central executive committee in Gävle and Matilda Elmebo, Political secretary at Gävle kommun. 

During the visit, they were introduced by several of our battery experts to the different production process steps and our latest innovations, such as methods for reuse and recycling, all developed with sustainability in mind. Thanks to cutting edge expertise within battery chemistry, production technology, product development and system development, our R&D initiatives have contributed to groundbreaking innovations within Swedish battery research such as the ReOx® technology. 

The important differences between different battery technologies was also highlighted, such as that we utilize technology that is significantly less prone to fire hazards than what is used for other battery types. Proposed regulations are missing crucial differences between different battery types and creating an unnecessary worry amongst property owners installing energy storage systems.