Energy Storage Europe postponed



Energy Storage Europe is the leading international trade fair for energy storage systems. The fair discloses trends within the industry and developments in energy storage and technology integration. High tech companies and research institutions travel far to participate.

The exhibition gives you a great chance to network and get the latest insight from the top players within the industry. While the fair is in full action, a conference also takes place – Energy Storage conference 2020. At the conference topics regarding the latest research, restrictions and regulations within the industry are being covered.

Nilar was supposed to join the fair that was going to be held next week in Düsseldorf, however, we recently received the news that the fair is being postponed on recommendations from the German government. New alternative dates for the fair will be overseen and discussed with involved parties.

We will update you with further information as soon as we know more details on the final dates for the fair to be hosted.