Energy CIO Insights names Nilar top 10 energy storage systems company in Europe – 2019

Energy CIO Insights has listed Nilar as a top 10 energy storage systems company in Europe in an article about the current energy storage system landscape. The article includes an analysis of the current state of technology and lists the “Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Providers in Europe – 2019” where Nilar is featured as:

“A Swedish battery company recently reported a world-first: a battery which can be reconditioned multiple times towards the end of its ‘normal’ cycle life, yielding more than 10,000 complete discharge cycles at high C-rates. Through successful collaboration with leading researchers from Stockholm University, Nilar International AB has developed a method for multiple regeneration of electrolyte through oxygen infusion in its Nilar Hydride® batteries.”

The article also includes an interview with Nilar CEO Marcus Wigren who explains the current difficulties in the electricity grid and how energy storage solutions is the only practical solution.


Full article about Nilar:

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