Anette Anderung, Head of Sustainability in Gefle Dagblad on the importance of sustainable solutions for battery manufacturing

Anette Anderung, Head of Sustainability at Nilar, was recently featured in an article in Gefle Dagblad on the important work she is doing, which contributes to solving several of the important problems that many battery manufacturers are facing and which will become increasingly important for sustainable energy solutions in the future.

Through her work, Anette highlights how important the whole is when it comes to the sustainability perspective, where she supports and highlights the work in projects that ensure design based on the product being sustainable, the production being sustainable and that we have a sustainable workplace. At Nilar we have managed to produce a battery that is truly circular, where the battery when it reaches the end of its life can be filled with oxygen and thus revived (at least 3 times) and later be taken back to us for reuse and recycling of materials from the batteries and thus complete the sustainable cycle.

“We operate within a green industry, and it’s common knowledge that energy storage in the form of batteries is essential for succeeding with the green transition. In addition to contributing to sustainability, our products must also be manufactured in a sustainable manner,” says Anette. 

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