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A look inside our facility when Mats Persson, Swedish Minister for Education visited us

The Swedish Minister for Education, Mats Persson, recently visited our facility in Gävle, Sweden. During his visit, he met Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar who talked about our unique battery technology that can be refilled with new life, which has the potential to put Sweden on the map.

A tour of the facility was then given to Mats Persson. During the tour several of Nilar’s battery experts explained the different production steps in the facility as well as the innovations they are working on at the moment. These innovations contribute to driving battery research forward.

“If we are unable to expand and develop our electric distribution network with batteries as a very important component, then we will not be able to electrify our transport industry and our transport sector”, said Erik Oldmark, CEO at Nilar.

Mats Persson also spoke about the importance for Sweden of research-intensive companies like Nilar.

“Engineering has made the country strong in the past and will continue to make it wealthy in the future. Without investing in research and development we are lost as a nation”, said Mats Persson, Swedish Minister for Education.

He also emphasized the need for new policies to create better conditions for battery research in Sweden. These include investing in the latest technology, ensuring there are enough engineers in the education system, and investing in mathematics in elementary schools.

To conclude, the visit by the Swedish Minister for Education highlights the growing importance of battery technology for Sweden. It also highlights the need for continued investment in this area to drive innovation and economic growth. With companies like Nilar leading the way, Sweden is well-positioned to become a global leader in battery technology and drive the transition to a more sustainable, electrified future.