Lars Fredriksson, Chairman & Co-Founder

  • Board member of the Company since 2000
  • Shares: 259,942 through Fredriksson & Forssell AB
  • Share options: 7,982
  • Former CEO, Optima batteries, brought to IPO; former CEO and current chairman of Gycom AB
  • Deep experience in building world-wide distribution and sales organizations for battery

Michael Obermayer, CEO

  • Board member of the Company since 2012
  • CEO of Nilar International AB since 2016
  • Shares: 321,075 privately and through R&H Trust Co (Jersey) Limited as Trustee of the Elk Trust
  • Share options: 54,918
  • MSc eng., PhD chem, MBA INSEAD
  • Managing partner at Fjord Capital Partners. 28 years at McKinsey Company, Senior Partner; former Managing Director of World Economic Forum

Anders Barsk, Vice Chairman

  • Board member of the Company since 2004
  • Shares: 212,025 held privately and through Sagax Limited
  • Investor with focus on technology
  • Director of Gycom AB and former Director for Boston Power Inc (Li-Ion batteries)

Anders Gudmarsson

  • Board member of the Company since June 2016, alternate since 2015
  • Shares: 3,694
  • Master of Law, Uppsala
  • Former; Assistant judge, Court of Appeal, Stockholm, President Boliden Intermarket and Flakt Service Sweden, Managing Partner Odgers Berndtson, Stockholm

Alexander Izosimov

  • Board member of the Company since June 2016
  • Shares: 100
  • M.Sc. in Production Management Systems and Computer Science, MBA INSEAD
  • President and CEO AO VimpelCom (later Vimpelcom Ltd.), President for CIS, Central Europe and Nordics Mars Inc., McKinsey & Co. (Stockholm, London). Board experience: EVRAZ Plc, LM Ericsson AB, MTG AB, East Capital AB, Transcom SPA, ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Carlsberg (advisory board) Orkla (advisory board) Dynasty Foundation.

Peter Tell

  • Board member of the Company since 2010
  • Shares: 78,244 through Stamfar Peter AB and XAOC AB
  • Share options: 2,685
  • Founder of PIAB AB vacuum division
  • Currently member of the Board and the CTO of PIAB. In 2006 PIAB was sold to Altor Equity Partners. Altor sold Piab to EQT during 2015.

Observers to the Board

Hans Franzén

  • Alternate since 2014
  • Shares: 110,378
  • Share options: 16,818
  • Founder of OEM International AB

 Ted Kalborg

  • Board member of the Company since 2007, alternate since June 2016
  • Shares: 113,523 through Christmas Common Ltd
  • Share options: 11,497
  • Founder of Tufton Oceanic Group AUM today of $1.5 billion
  • Served on the board of several public and private companies in the shipping and energy sector

Kit Braden

  • Representing Lecorsier Investments
  • Shares: 379,002
  • Share options: 77,956

 Samuel Gerssen

  • Representing Waterman 40 Holding B.V.
  • Shares: 120,791
  • Share options: 5,645

Lennart Kalén

  • Representing Segulah AB
  • Shares: 52,500

Advisors to the Board

Dag Noréus

  • Affiliated expert, Stockholm University
  • Expert on metal hydrides and compressed powder electrodes

Neil Puester, Co-Founder

  • Board member 2001-2007
  • Shares: 60,186
  • BSME Tufts University
  • Over 30 years of experience in several battery chemistries at Yardney, Gates Energy Products, Optima Battery, and Nilar.
  • 35+ battery patents

Uwe Köhler

  • Advisor to the Board since 2016
  • Share options: 6,000
  • MSc phys., PhD phys.
  • Battery pioneer.
  • Over 30 years of experience from Varta, SAFT and Johnson Control at senior positions such as Head of Development, Advanced Battery Systems at Varta Automotive Systems.