Nilar at Energy Storage Europe

24 March 2017

Energy Storage fair in Dusseldorf reveals great potential for Nilar’s nickel metal hydride energy storage

The fair resulted in many interesting cases and leads and it became clear that energy storage is playing an important role for implementing a smart grid - from smaller home-storage applications to larger MWh-solutions.


10 March 2017

Meet us at Energy Storage Europe in Dusseldorf

At this year ’s show – which takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany March 14-16 - you will see the latest within energy storage technology and sustainable energy. Nilar will display its modular power technology with bi-polar NiMH energy storage.


21 February 2017

Re-conceptualising shopping mall in Grosetto, Italy

Nilar’s technology has contributed to the development of the first smart shopping mall in Grosseto, Italy – and thereby created a new energy efficient architecture that favours energy conservation and renewable energy resources.

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