Safe and environmentally conscious energy storage solutions

Today’s grid cannot handle the new demands from mass electric vehicle charging and overall increased electrification. Without substantial investments into power line upgrades from utility companies and governments, energy storage is the only viable solution. A solution powered by Nilar is the most effective way to tackle these coming challenges.

Infrastructure project solutions

Energy storage providing grid support will prove to be an important part of the electrical infrastructure of the future. Nilar offers a range of scalable energy storage solutions to meet the needs of large projects. Nilar cabinets and racks with energy content ranging from kWh to MWh can be scaled incrementally and run in parallel.

Integration of renewable energy

The ever increasing growth of renewable energy in the power grid poses new challenges when it comes to grid stability and reliability of supply. Using energy storage from Nilar can help smooth out the irregular power patterns of renewables such as wind turbines and solar panels, allowing us to move faster towards a carbon neutral society.

Manufactured in Sweden

Nilar batteries are designed, developed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden. With minimal battery components, the build process is simplified and fully automated. The Q&A process ensures that nothing leaves our factory until it has been approved at every stage of production.

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The environmentally conscious battery

Unlike most other industrial batteries, Nilar batteries are fully recyclable. They are also free of cadmium, mercury and lead, and have a miniscule amount of hard to recover metals. When you choose Nilar batteries, you choose the most environmentally-conscious solution available.

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What can you do with a Nilar energy storage?

A Nilar energy storage can perform many different tasks in an smart grid application. These tasks can be used in different situations and in combination with each other to provide the specific functions that your application needs.



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