Batteries built on batteries, built on batteries


Contributing to a circular economy is part of everything we do, from design to completion and recycling of batteries. The flat cell construction of our batteries is designed to simplify disassembly. This allows materials to be reused and recycled. Nilar’s batteries are the sustainable choice.

It has never been easier to do good while doing what’s best for you and the planet

Sustainable by design

Unlike most industrial batteries, the Nilar battery chemistry is water-based. Thanks to this it does not contain any cadmium, mercury or lead and only has a minimal amount of hard to recover raw materials.

Produced in Gävle, Sweden with 100% fossil-free energy

To keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, Nilar batteries are manufactured from cell to system at our fully automated production plant in Gävle, Sweden using 100% clean fossil-free and renewable energy.

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Get three batteries in one with Nilar ReOx®

Nilar batteries are not only rechargeable, they can also be revived to full capacity at least 3 times through the Nilar patented ReOx® process. This brings savings to your wallet, but above all, makes it easy for you to do the right thing for our planet.

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UN’s Agenda 2030 goals adressed by Nilar

Nilar’s goal is to support society’s electrification with sustainable solutions. Through efficient energy storage with Nilar batteries, renewable energy can be used when it’s needed and not just when it’s produced. The phasing out of fossil fuels is an important part of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and four of the 17 goals are addressed directly by Nilar’s solutions.

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Sustainability Report 2022

Nilar’s goal is to support the electrification of society with sustainable solutions. As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, energy storage will be the key to the future. Through efficient energy storage, renewable energy can be used when it is needed and not just when it is produced while helping maintain a balanced grid. Sustainability lies in Nilar’s DNA.

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