The safest choice


We believe that property owners and tenants should be able to sleep well at night knowing that they have a safe and sustainable energy storage with batteries that are designed to be safer than “safe”. That makes Nilar batteries the obvious choice.

The safest technology for you and your home

Unlike many other batteries, Nilar batteries cannot spontaneously short circuit internally. Therefore, there is no risk of a dangerous and uncontrolled chain reaction where one cell heats up followed by the next and the next, causing an explosion.

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No risk of a chain reaction from an external fire

Thanks to the non-flammable, water-based chemistry, Nilar batteries won’t release poisonous gases even if there is an external fire close by. There is no risk of explosion, so the emergency services will be able to swiftly respond to the fire without any restrictions – which is not the case for many other battery technologies.

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Safer than safe and easy to install

Thanks to all these safety features, Nilar batteries can be installed safely and easily in your property, whether it is your home, office building or industrial property.

In fact, Nilar batteries are so safe that you can transport them by air without any restrictions. Most other batteries require dangerous goods documentation and expensive explosion-proof containers when transporting them. That says it all…

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