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As technology is continuously advancing to become more accessible and sought after, overall energy consumption will continue to dramatically increase. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a more prominent presence, sparking the need for supporting infrastructure. Renewable energy resources are flourishing as the energy transition grows, which increases the intermittency stress on the grid. Energy providers are constantly adapting their tariff fee structures to the changing world, leading to price fluctuation throughout the day. With the scale of the commercial and industrial space, these factors can seem compounding. Investing in the right energy storage system will be the solution.

The compact and scalable racks can be configured for different setups, creating flexibility and a user-friendly experience for commercial and industrial support. Each rack can be scaled into a system of racks easily to meet the energy demands. There is the possibility of pairing up to four racks with a single appropriately sized inverter, where one unit acts as the master, coordinating the three other servant units. The inverter is required to handle charging and discharging, along with the conversion between AC/DC. The sophisticated monitoring and control battery management systems ensure safe and reliable operation as well as seamless integration into larger arrangements. In order to control when and where the power should be delivered, an Energy Management System (EMS) is required to govern various system functions such as power management and inverter management.

Within a commercial building, an energy storage system can enhance the benefits associated with an installed renewable resource. With an intermittent source like a photovoltaic (PV) system, there will be times of surplus production. When integrated with a Nilar rack system, the batteries can be used to store the excess solar energy to use at an alternate time, referred to as time shifting. Not only would the PV system be more efficiently utilized, but there are also the added cost savings benefits when the stored power is used during peak consumption periods or high tariff times. An installed Nilar rack system can support the installation of EV charging infrastructure, minimizing the energy impact of their operation. As noted, the rack can be paired with additional racks to form a larger system. This allows the systems to support time shifting and peak power reduction within the industrial space. A Nilar rack system can support the large peaks that occur during equipment startup, ensuring a smooth transition.

Nilar Energy Racks

Benefits in brief

  • Long term power
  • Superior safety benefits
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Optimal for peak power applications
  • Expedient energy availability for medium power
  • Suitable for shorter cycle duration applications

The Nilar Rack solutions can be configured according to different setups, creating flexibility and a user-friendly experience for the customers. When the Nilar Energy Battery is utilized, the expeditious dispatchability of power of the rack is ideal for peak shaving and time shifting of renewable resources. There are two rack products provided by Nilar within the Nilar Energy product series. These two racks are the same size in energy, both utilizing the Energy battery with one able to serve as a master and the secondary listed as a servant. With these rack options, solution size can range from 57,6 kWh to 276,5 kWh with a single master system. Contact Nilar or one of our many dedicated partners and distributors to collaborate towards the best solution for your specific situation.

Customer case

Re-conceptualising shopping malls in Italy

At malls in Italy, it’s not uncommon for air-conditioning to be left running 24/7: a practice that is neither sustainable nor cost-effective. The EU-funded CommONEnergy project was initiated to re-conceptualise shopping malls by creating new energy efficient structures that promote energy conservation and utilise renewable energy resources. To read the full story about how Nilar was chosen as the ideal partner to provide an effective energy storage solution for Italy’s first smart shopping mall – Grosseto, click here.

”The mall now has access to an excellent way of storing solar energy safely, and the negative impact on the grid during electric vehicle charging has been heavily reduced.”

Product specifications

Product name Product description Art. no. No. of battery packs System Voltage [V] Rated Energy [kWh] Measure-
ments DxHxW [mm]
Weight [kg]
E-576V-57,60kWh-M Rack-M – Energy 200039E 40 576 57,60 615x
E-576V-57,60kWh-S Rack-S – Energy 200040E 40 576 57,60 615x

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