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Technology is continuously advancing to be more accessible and sought after, ultimately leading the modern household to increased power needs. With this energy shift in the residential world, energy storage is advancing to meet the demands. Nilar has developed an array of solutions to fulfill the varying needs within the industry. At the core of any of these systems, the Nilar Hydride® technology offers a safer, greener, more cost-efficient and reliable battery. For the homeowners seeking a compact system with these qualities, the Nilar Home Box is designed with functionality and appearance in mind. Leveraging the abilities of valued partners, the Home Box is a complete home-ready solution.

Sleep soundly knowing there is a safe and environmentally conscious storage solution that can be placed in your home along with any other appliances. Combining solar panels with energy storage allows you to use this renewable energy source even when the sun is down. You also have a reserve of energy for when you really need it, without additional strain on the grid. Take full advantage of your grid connection and reduce demand charges.

Nilar Energy Home Box

Benefits in brief

  • Long term power
  • Superior safety benefits
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Optimal for peak power applications
  • Expedient energy availability for medium power
  • Suitable for shorter cycle duration applications

The Nilar Energy Home Box embraces the swift dispatchability of power from the Nilar Energy Battery for peak shaving and time shifting applications. The 10 Ah system is rated to provide 5,76 kWh of energy with a maximum continuous 1C rate for charge and discharge. It is the exceptional choice when expedient energy is required for your home.

Customer case

The perfect battery for homeowners

By increasing self-consumption, reducing peaks in power consumption and minimizing grid fee costs, a Swedish homeowner was able to become more energy independent. To learn more about how the homeowner was able to store excess solar energy and utilize it when needed with the help of a Nilar Home Box, click here.

”If you’re considering to invest in an energy storage system today, there’s nothing to hesitate on.”


Product specifications

Product name Product description Art. No. No. of battery packs System Voltage [V] Rated Energy [kWh] Measure-
ments DxHxW [mm]
Weight [kg]
E-576V-5,76kWh-F incl. ESO Home Box 5,76 kWh, F-ESO 210017E 4 576 5,76 305x
E-288V-5,76kWh-K Home Box 5,76 kWh, K 210016E 4 288 5,76 305x

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