Introducing Our New ReOx® Technology


Nilar batteries are not only rechargeable, they can also be revived to full capacity at least 3 times through the Nilar patented ReOx® process. This brings savings to your wallet, but above all, makes it easy for you to do the right thing for our planet.

Extended lifetime with ReOx®

Our patented ReOx® technology balances the electrodes and replenishes the electrolyte by adding a controlled amount of oxygen. This process brings your Nilar Hydride® battery back to its initial 100% capacity, extending its useful life by more than three times.

The groundbreaking Nilar reoxygenating process


Built on comprehensive scientific research

The reoxygenation functionality is built on thorough scientific research and extensive experimental analysis. Starting at Stockholm University, there was an exploration of the reversibility of chemical side reactions. The side reactions cause corrosion of the metal hydride component, but more importantly, consume the water within the electrolyte. This electrolyte depletion leads to the main source of failure within a nickel metal hydride battery: dry out. Because Nilar Hydride® batteries utilize gas recombination reactions, a controlled introduction of gas can regenerate the water-based electrolyte.

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Sustainability Report 2021

Nilar’s goal is to support the electrification of society with sustainable solutions. As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, energy storage will be the key to the future. Through efficient energy storage, renewable energy can be used when it is needed and not just when it is produced while helping maintain a balanced grid. Sustainability lies in Nilar’s DNA.

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