Nilar 120V Energy Battery

Benefits in Brief

  • Exceptional performance
  • Superior safety benefits
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Optimal for peak power applications
  • Expedient energy availability for medium power
  • Suitable for shorter cycle duration applications

The 12V Module is the building block of Nilar battery packs. It is comprised of 10 cells connected in series, achieving a nominal module voltage of 12V. As a building block, it provides excellent flexibility in battery pack voltage. The nominal voltage of a battery packs is determined by the number of 12V modules connected in series within the battery pack. When a battery pack contains 10 modules, the pack voltage is 120V.

Battery packs are connected in series to match the required system voltage, forming a string. The nominal voltage of a string equals the number of battery packs multiplied by the nominal battery pack voltage. Battery packs are sold in string configurations, with voltage and energy adaptable to a customer’s needs. Here are the strings available with 120V batteries.

Product name Art. No. Description String voltage [V] Energy [kWh] Measurements,
Single Battery DxHxW [mm]
ES-240-2,4kWh 200075E Battery string, 2pcs of 120V
packs per string, no BMS
240 2,40 293x306x127
ES-360-3,6kWh 200076E Battery string, 3pcs of 120V
packs per string, no BMS
360 3,60 293x306x127
ES-480-4,8kWh 200077E Battery string, 4pcs of 120V
packs per string, no BMS
480 4,80 293x306x127

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