How can I maximize the use of my solar panels?

Common issues for households that have invested in solar panels are the following:

  • The inability to use the full capacity of self-produced solar electricity
  • The need to sell the excess self-produced solar electricity during the day
  • The need to purchase electricity when it costs more (price increase after sunset)
  • The power capacity of the grid is limited, which is leading to more and more electric companies introducing a power tariff. This tariff leads the consumer to pay more for short-term high electricity consumption than lower electricity consumption over a longer period.

A problem experienced for many occurs in charging new hybrid and electric vehicles; the main fuse breaks even when the fuse has been exchanged for a larger one and the charging power has been reduced to protect the fuse.

A combination of a Nilar battery and a smart energy hub can be a solution to these problems.

With the Nilar home battery and Ferroamp EnergyHub, you can increase your solar utilization and reduce the load on your main fuse. You will expand the financial benefit while future-proofing the property for changes in electricity prices and network tariffs. Ultimately, you can maximize the benefits you receive from your solar cell investment.

Why am I not using more of my self-produced solar electricity?

Using the full capacity of self-produced solar electricity is a bigger challenge than many assume. In typical households, the most electricity is consumed in the morning and evening hours while solar energy is produced midday. Surplus self-produced electricity can be sold back to the electricity grid, but at a lower price than the electricity company provides. Then, in the evening, electricity will need to be purchased back from the grid, available at a higher price. If nothing is done, the household will continue to be dependent on the already congested electricity grid, despite producing electricity with the help of the sun.

Why is the electrical grid overloaded and how does it affect me?

Put simply, the electrical grid is generally overloaded because there are certain periods of the day and of the year where many people are utilizing a lot of electricity at the same time. As more and more people purchase electric vehicles, the load on the grid becomes even greater. After a standard workday, you return home and charge the car, cook a meal, run the dishwasher, and possibly do some laundry. This significant increase of your household’s electricity use occurs at the same time the load on the electricity grid is already high. Many consumers have already switched to a larger main fuse to avoid altering other internal wiring and changing plugs.

When a larger main fuse is used, your electricity company has to reserve a larger capacity in the network to accommodate it, so your monthly costs increase. When multiple people switch to a larger main fuse, this necessitates an expansion of the electricity network infrastructure, which, in turn, results in even higher future electricity network costs. Ultimately, these costs mean rising monthly electricity bills in the future.

What is the solution to the new electricity problems?




If you install a solution that can store your solar energy and control its usage, such as a safe home battery and a smart energy hub, it will lead to your electricity supply being more sustainable in the long term. You can also avoid switching your main fuse and optimally charge your electric vehicle at the same time. Choose the safe and environmentally friendly home battery from Nilar and the smart EnergyHub from Ferroamp to maximize the benefits of your solar cells!

An effective solution for the electricity needs of the future

The Ferroamp EnergyHub allows intelligent and flexible control of your self-produced electricity through storage in the Nilar Home Box battery. With this system, you gain access to the unique and patented phase balancing function called phase balancing. It evenly distributes electricity between the fuses so that you don’t have to change plugs nor increase the main fuse size for your property. Phase balancing also means that you charge an electric vehicle in the shortest time possible, regardless of time of day. You can do all of this with Ferroamp’s cloud-based energy measurement system, watching it happen in real time.

With Nilar’s Homebox, you get an energy storage solution that has unique safety and environmental benefits. The Nilar Home Box battery design is based on the patented Nilar Hydride® technology. The batteries contain a water-based and non-flammable electrolyte, providing a safety advantage when compared to other energy storage technologies. The Nilar Home Box is also manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility powered 100% by renewable energy in Sweden and the Nilar battery is designed to last for more than 20 years. With the Nilar Home Box and Ferroamp’s smart EnergyHub, you choose cutting-edge technology developed and produced in Sweden. It is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly technology available on the market that secures the future of your home against a growing shortage of electricity and increases in both network costs and electricity prices in today’s already overloaded grid.


Beneficial subsidies in Sweden

The Swedish government is currently offering an Energy Storage subsidy that provides you a unique opportunity to integrate a home battery in your facility. The subsidies can contribute 60% of the capital costs, up to 50,000 SEK.  Your application must be approved no later than December 31st; apply now to get approval and take advantage of the savings.

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Who can benefit from the use of the subsidies in Sweden?

If you are planning to invest in solar cells and have been granted solar cell support

Apply for the Energy Storage subsidy and have your application approved as soon as possible to maximize your subsidy benefits.  Contact the knowledgeable sales representatives at one of our partners for help with installation. They can provide your electrician with training and installation support.

Do you already have solar cells?

To maximize the value of your solar cell investment, apply for the Energy Storage as soon as possible to add the Home Box and EnergyHub. It is currently possible to take advantage of the state support of 60% of the energy storage capital costs, up to 50,000 SEK.

You have no solar cells but are planning to buy?

To take advantage of the available 2020 subsidies in Sweden, you must submit an application and have it approved prior to the 31st of December. After that, installation must be completed before June 30, 2021 in order to receive the investment support. There is also state support available for the installation of solar cells, which will be the Green Deduction enforced after January 1, 2021.

Learn more about the green deduction here → 

  • Apply for the Energy Storage Support as soon as possible to ensure your application is approved prior to December 31st.
  • Contact one of our knowledgeable partners for help with planning and installation.
  • Our partners will help your electrician with training and installation support.
  • Take advantage of multiple saving opportunities available to you. You can buy solar cells and also electric car charging with the support of the new Green deduction and then install it at the same time as your Home Box home battery and smart EnergyHub during the first half of 2021. This will allow you to also gain the 60% state support up to 50,000 SEK for the energy storage system while simultaneously gaining the green deduction savings.

How do I buy and install an EnergyHub and a Home Box?

Contact our partners Ferroamp.

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