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When selecting batteries for an office building, shopping mall or electrical vehicle charging station, minimising risk is essential. Nilar batteries is the safest choice for storing energy. The modular Nilar battery supports a range of scalable energy storage solutions to meet the needs of different applications.

Reliable, smart and efficient batteries

The robust Nilar Hydride® chemistry combined with our patented bi-polar construction, contributes to the long service life of the battery.. In fact, even if fully discharged or overcharged, this won’t impact the aging process. This provides a reliable source of power designed to last.

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Discover our products

We design, develop and manufacture Nilar Hydride® batteries in our state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden. With sustainable, safe and high performing products, we enable the optimal energy storage system, whether it be for your home, business, or infrastructure project.

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What can you do with energy storage containing Nilar batteries?

An energy storage solution using Nilar batteries can perform many different tasks in an industrial application. These tasks can be used in different situations and in combination with each other to provide the specific functions that your application needs.

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